May 4, 2018
Love the concept, love the execution, love the ambition that bleeds from nearly each track on this thing, LOVE this whole experience of an album.
'Make Me Feel' still feels just like a Prince rip-off, though - shoot me.

But, yeah, Janelle, what a comeback. What. A. Comeback. One of the best albums of the year, for sure.

Favourite tracks: 'Screwed', 'Crazy, Classic, Life', 'Take a Byte', 'PYNK', 'I Got the Juice', 'Don't Judge Me'
Least favourite track: 'Make Me Feel'
May 1, 2018
I'm shook.

Favourite tracks: 'Spoil My Night', 'Takin' Shots', 'Psycho', 'Ball for Me', 'Over Now', 'Otherside', 'Stay'
Least favourite track: 'Jonestown (Interlude)'
Apr 8, 2018*
She's hungry. I like it.

Favourite tracks: 'Bickenhead', 'I Like It', 'Money Bag', 'Best Life', 'Bartier Cardi'
Least favourite track: 'She Bad'
Apr 8, 2018
In spite of being full of charisma, I'm not sure Kali Uchi's vocals have the energy to carry some of the fantastic instrumentals on this thing, as the more chill, laid back tracks are the ones that work the best on this record - 'Miami', 'Flight 22', 'Tomorrow', 'After the Storm' -, leaving moments like 'In My Dreams' feeling kind of awkward.

'Miami', 'Just a Stranger', 'Dead to Me' and 'Feel Like a Fool' are some of the best R&B tracks of the year, though.
There are some crazy BANGERS on ... read more
Apr 2, 2018
Do not listen to the critics, Christ. Just give this thing a spin. For crying out loud.
Mar 24, 2018
This thing is weird. It's a mindbending, bizarre and definitely unique project; probably Jack White's best solo album to date, as he finally does justice to the eccentric misfit that he really is.

See, you will either love or hate 'Boarding House Reach'. At least for me, the only way to get into it was to dive right inside White's labyrinthine mind with no fears whatsoever - something made easier given the totally bonkers singles that were dropped prior to the album's release, like the crazy ... read more
Mar 17, 2018
While this record's first half definitely stands out when thinking of this project as a whole, 'Musas Vol. 2' is still a fine, honest homage to traditional latin folk music, that will take the listener's mind on a voyage through each corner of latin America's fascinating culture.
Mar 4, 2018
While this new Screaming Females project does thrive on the sheer catchiness and the anthemic vibe of most of its tracks, I feel the shorter pieces could have used (a lot of) more work, as they end up not giving the fantastic lyricism from Marissa Paternoster a fair sonic backup.
If only the fuller cuts on 'All at Once' were to make it up, it would have been a truly fantastic, crunchy and powerful pop punk album.

Still, even if this album kind of feels like a mixed bag of songs, moments like ... read more
Feb 26, 2018
Damn, I really went into this record with a wrong mindset the first time I listened to it. Because, ten days later, what I think is that this is absolutely fantastic. The full potential of a great album has finally been unleashed.
Feb 22, 2018*
One of the best albums of the year so far. Meghan Remy's lyrics cut deeper than ever, embedded in such an ambitious and rich sonic palette.
Feb 21, 2018
It seems Kero Kero Bonito are entering a transitional phase, here. The noisy, psychedelic feel of the single 'Only Acting' is a great gateway to this EP, as 'TOTEP' follows a similar formula through the other 3 tracks in its tracklist.
While the first track is very sweet on the ears, the following cuts form a chaotic mix of "cutesy noise pop" that, surprisingly, works very well for Bonito. I love the welcoming of guitars into these tracks.

Being an 11 minute long EP, 'TOTEP' leaves ... read more
Feb 14, 2018*
At the turn of the decade, from the 1960s to the 70s, Pink Floyd were still an underground experimental-psych-rock act, trying to find their way into a sound they felt suited them as a band.
'Atom Heart Mother', released in 1970, came third in a sequence of records Floyd offered after the departure of singer and lead/rhythm guitarist Syd Barrett - 'A Sourceful of Secrets' and 'Ummagumma' being its two sister-albums -, projects where the band unfearfully experimented with everything found in ... read more
Feb 2, 2018
This is absolutely ridiculous. Even 'The 20/20 Experience' had some high points that managed to jump out of the pretentious, bland sea of superficiality that Justin Timberlake swimmed on. This is just a mess of a mainstream pop album that's way less exciting than it thinks it is.
Jan 22, 2018
The only thing related to this album that I find myself remotely caring about is The Guardian's laughable review of it. Ugh...
Jan 15, 2018
The punk scene definitely is giving 2018 a powerful head-start. I've got no reason to complain so far.
Jan 11, 2018*
Right, time to dive into yet another classic album from the 80s... This time, Metallica's 'Ride the Lightning'.

After bursting into the metal underground scene, just one year prior to the release of 'Lightning', Metallica had received acclaim for their debut effort 'Kill Em All'. Wearing their influences on their sleeves, the boys had delivered one of the first great Thrash Metal records.

On their second record, though, something felt different right off the gate.
The acoustic intro to 'Fight ... read more
Jan 10, 2018
Time to look into a classic album... one of AC/DC's landmark projects and one of the best selling records of all time... 1980's 'Back in Black'.

There's only one way to review this record, and it's the rock n' roll way. So let's get to it! To a straightforward, no BS review.

After legendary singer/frontman Bon Scott's sudden passing in 1979, the group found itself in a difficult position. 'Highway to Hell''s success had just lifted the boys into new hights, so they had to find a way to ... read more
Jan 9, 2018*
Oh, boy.

Right. 'Volta'. It's time, isn't it?

This album reflects such an interesting time in Björk's career and yet, to this day, it's kind of overlooked by her audience when discussing her catalogue. ...Why, then?

'Volta' was supposed to represent Björk's big, bombastic comeback to her own roots in the more accessible side of Art Pop - being the little sister record of 'Post' and 'Debut'. Hitmaking producer Timbaland was said to be handling most of the production on the record, ... read more
Jan 5, 2018
What a mess. What a filthy mess.
Dec 24, 2017
A revolutionary, game-changing, boundary-pushing hell of an album. Absolutely mesmerizing.
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