AOTY 2019
Listen to Grimes’ New Song “So Heavy I Fell Through the Earth”
by Staff to Grimes
November 17, 2019
Rough Trade's Albums of the Year 2019
by Staff
November 14, 2019
They included albums from November last year so they dont leave any behind
Pitchfork's 200 Best Songs of the 2010s
by Staff
October 8, 2019
"Pitchfork's 200 Favourite Rihanna, Beyonce, Nicki Minaj & Drake songs (this fills our diversity quota right?)"
Sampa The Great shares euphoric new single “Heaven” featuring Whosane
by Audiohype to Sampa The Great
September 5, 2019
Y'all are sleeping on Sampa - she has dropped so many excellent singles this year.
Video: Billie Eilish – “all the good girls go to hell”
by Staff to Billie Eilish
September 5, 2019
you can feel the budget on this video
Charli XCX and Lizzo Share New Song “Blame It on Your Love”: Listen
by JoaoSantos to Charli XCX
May 16, 2019
It's not even new, really. Just one of Charli's less impressive mixtape tracks with a brief verse from Lizzo
FKA Twigs Mails Fans Artwork, New Single “Cellophane” Rumored For This Week
by Staff to FKA twigs
April 22, 2019
Cannot wait for this, we have been waiting for so long
Listen to Nine Inch Nails’ New Song “God Break Down the Door”
by Staff to Nine Inch Nails
May 17, 2018
Nice change of pace for NIN, hoping it's a bit more cohesive than the last EP as this would be a refreshing direction for the whole thing.
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