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Apr 16, 2019
So...when is this album going to be deleted from the website?
Apr 15, 2019
The kings of...erm, nerdy indie disco, have returned and are sounding better than ever... <3<3<3
Mar 21, 2019
Not sure about this one. Can't really imagine it on the same tracklist as Juice, Cuz I Love You or Boys (if it makes the cut). Sure she'll make it work but hopefully it serves as an attention grabbing single rather than the album's overall aesthetic.
Mar 14, 2019*
Low key excited for this - the 4 singles haven't blown me away individually but they've all been solid and should work well on the same tracklist.

Edit: make that high key excited, no filler unlike many of their more recent albums, this along with Further show The Chemical Brothers as a timeless act.
Mar 8, 2019
It's certainly more digestible than Aleph from front to back, but has nowhere near as much innovation.
Mar 8, 2019
Bars for daysssss
Feb 18, 2019
Presented as an epic odyssey in the same realm as his debut LP, El Negro, Spirit Realm.Final definitely has a similar versatility, with all of the creative energy which made that record so impressive. In this instance however, it does feel that his unhinged vocals and song structures have veered off the track of charming eccentricity and onto the tracks of carelessness and amateurism in places, perhaps taking notes from his comparatively joyless EP, Toybox, instead.

SB is undoubtedly at his ... read more
Jan 31, 2019
Many glimpses of excellence, especially in the first half. Unfortunately, even at its brief runtime it starts to sound tired past the halfway point. If she inserted early singles Smack a Bitch and Party Goin Dumb instead of some of the other more forgettable cuts, it would have felt much more satisfying. As it stands though its much more bark than bite.
Jan 17, 2019
An astoundingly beautiful album which takes away a lot of the abstractions and loops that have made his previous albums interesting, but also difficult and distant in places. On Assume Form, Blake sounds liberated, replacing many of his production tricks with sincere, earnest lyrics and full bodied vocals. I really get the sense that in this regard, Assume Form shows him at his most daring as he is confident enough to be vunerable. Even without the lyrical and vocal changes however, each track ... read more
Jan 14, 2019
I can see Gesaffelstein making a radio hit concession for exposure, especially after featuring on The Weekend's EP last year, but I can't say I was blown away by 'Reset' either. Slightly concerned about the quality of this album now.
Jan 14, 2019
It's ok but feels a little one-dimensional compared to the best of Aleph. Tracks like Hate or Glory, Destinations & Trans make Reset look like a regression rather than innovation.
Dec 2, 2018
Can't wait for Azealia's next LP. 2032 is gonna be a great year for music.
Nov 18, 2018
Aptly named, 'Cocoon Crush' creates a sound which feels transitory. Whilst soaked in dark, glitchy and technical beats, they rarely take off. The album fails to deliver any chilling lows or euphoric highs, making it feel like spacey background music, rather than truly stimulating IDM.

Dazzle Anew through to Nervous Silk fail to penetrate, and it isn't until 'Deadlock' that the auditory meandering finally forms into something powerful. Follow up, 'Rest Yr Troubles Over Me' is a welcomed ... read more
Nov 8, 2018
I suppose they really wanted this album to sound futuristic or something, but I still find the dramatic overproduction on every track pretty unbearable. Songs like 'The Dark Side' and 'Blockades' are legitimately well constructed songs, but even these are difficult to appreciate beneath the suffocating layers of synths. 'Algorithm' is a dull opener which never really lifts off, it sets the tone for the entire album. 'Something Human' and 'Get Up and Fight' are unforgivably trashy. ... read more
Nov 8, 2018
Cupcakke shows more and more promise with each release. With Eden, her biggest shortcoming of having amateurish sounding production is mostly a non issue here. The beats may not be reinventing the wheel, but they are far more layered and creative than on previous efforts, whether that's on the energised PC styled beats of "Quiz", the interlocking sections of "Typo", or the dark, Yeezus-esque "A.U.T.I.S.M".

Stylistically, the album feels very cohesive, not having ... read more
Oct 28, 2018
An album that suffers, much like Scorpion, through its lack of curation. However I cannot help but appreciate that this is Nicki's most dedicated foray into rap music.

There are plenty of misses and poor features from other artists, such as the cringe worthy hook of 'Majesty', the vapid and uninspiring 'Rich Sex' and the entirely forgettable 'Sir'. However if you can roll with Nicki's somewhat narrow lyrical palette (drawing mostly on materialism and tiring braggadocio) there are still plenty ... read more
Oct 26, 2018
I love the sustained atmosphere throughout this record, a shimmery, smoky summer pop haze which feels claustrophobic and expansive all at once. This record feels like a slow burner so I imagine it will grow on me with each listen, given the deep grooves and intricate production. Robyn also sounds as emotional as ever and cuts through each track. Pleasantly surprised by this record.
Oct 24, 2018
It's alright. Pretty catchy hard hitting production and some decent lyrics spotted around, but it hardly makes a convincing first single (if it's from a new album) and her flow is pretty run of the mill here. Time will tell.
Oct 13, 2018*
3 Singles and they all sound so dated...this isn't going to be pretty.


To be fair I have to commend them for the cohesion and brevity of the album, it's certainly not something I thought The Prodigy were capable of delivering at this point in their career. Whereas their other 21st century albums have often had flashy singles but lots of filler, this seems to deviate from that formula providing a more consistent sound, but less bait to draw you in. It is still difficult to truly ... read more
Oct 10, 2018
Each time I revisit this I become a little less sure. It's definitely a great album overall but I find a lot of the first half to be very forgettable - lacking strong song structure or compelling melodies. Songs like Sierra Leone & Pilot Jones really don't add anything to the tracklisting - and even though I appreciate it is a well constructed song I never did care for Super Rich Kids (maybe more on a lyrical basis).

I think the only miss on Blonde is Skyline To, but is otherwise more ... read more
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On ShazThePharaoh's review of Kendrick Lamar - DAMN.
"um what is happening with these comments"
On ShazThePharaoh's review of Kendrick Lamar - DAMN.
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"They have a huge career, do not just judge them for their new material. If you haven't listened I recommend Music For The Masses, Violator & Black Celebration"
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"I can see what you're saying on the direction side of things. He has two distinct themes but they don't really fuse well together. Probably should have made this into a double album to create a better flow. "

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