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August, Yours Truly - Performance of a Lifetime
My new album is finally here !! This has been such a labor of love, give it a listen if you want! This album is all about my relationship with queer identity and the many ways I have struggled with coming to terms with it. It's an experimental project about my ongoing sexuality crisis, if that sounds interesting to you check it out! Sonically it's very art rock inspired, mixed with spoken word and sample manipulation. I give it a 10/10

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yeule - softscars
soul hurting bangers

favourites: sulky baby, softscares, 4ui12, ghosts, fish in the pool, software update, inferno, aphex twin flame
least favourite: x w x

underscores - Wallsocket
Underscores really went above and beyond her sound on Fishmonger here, this thing is a really impressive blend of genres, feeling familiar but incredibly fresh. The production on here is so good, killer hooks on quite a few songs, but doesn't sacrifice anything to get to that place. Really engaging listen.

Favourite Tracks: Cops and robbers, Locals (Girls like us), Johnny Johnny Johnny, Geez Louise, Uncanny long arms, Good luck final girl

Mitski - The Land Is Inhospitable and So Are We
One of Mitski's most moving and impactful records, really enjoyed this one. Feels like a fully realized project and a rewarding front-to-back listen. Lots of brilliant lines, Mitski acts as an incredibly captivating narrator. Bug Like an Angel is one of my favourite tracks of the whole year!
Also at times this thing kinda sounds like an FJM record, does anyone else feel that?

"There's a bug like an angel stuck to the bottom
Of my glass, with a little bit left
As I got older, I learned ... read more

Doja Cat - Scarlet
What a waste of a killer aesthetic and album rollout tbh, I wanted Doja to really make a statement, either conceptually or musically, but we really got neither.

I enjoyed the singles, but wow so many of the non singles are dead on arrival. The stretch of Wet Vagina to Shutcho is a complete wasteland. Some songs will have some interesting ideas, like a sample loop, but each song kind of passes by. Agora Hills is a highlight out of here, I enjoyed hearing Doja rap in this voice, it sounds like ... read more

August, Yours Truly - The Year of Pornography
I have a very exciting announce to make: my fourth full length album, The Year of Pornography, releases this November 3rd 2023!!

The Year of Pornography is a heavy and complicated concept album that ultimately is about trying to make sense of my own pain and the pain of others. I like to think of it as a feminist horrorcore post-industrial noise opera. It tells stories of male loneliness, unhealthy coping mechanisms, toxic masculinity, trauma, systematic violence, witnessing both abusers and ... read more


Ofc!!! :)))
Dude your single is absolutely nuts. You have some serious talent, the production is absolutely insane. Gives me Xiu Xiu vibes too, good job seriously!!
Thank you so much for giving it a shot, it seriously means a lot :) Im glad you ended up enjoying it!
Awesome!! I shall do the same with your single :))
Word, I’ll check the album out when it’s released! Thank you for letting me know!
Hey August! Hope you’re doing well! I just wanted to let you know that my band’s debut album, “Empty Homes in Blue Light” is out now on all platforms! I appreciate if you end up giving it a shot, and if not no worries at all :) Here’s the AOTY link if you’re interested:
No problem. Hopefully it grows on me. I guess that would make sense. Thank you for showing it!
Hello there August!
Would you like to be part of my new community list? This time, the topic is "Airplane Mode": what would be, in your opinion, a perfect song to play while flying high up in the sky.
I'm looking forward to your submission! And for this occasion I will also make a playlist for Spotify and maybe YouTube as well
I would rate the song 50/100


Hello I make music and I also listen to music and occasionally I review music. I love music
Look at my visual arts if you want:
500 holy shit

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