Banger after banger, who's surprised? All the creativity and explosivity I would expect from Peggy at this point, and Danny Browns contributions switch things up often enough to keep things interesting. Every song is short but effective, rarely does a track outstay its welcome. This very well might be my favorite Jpeg project to date, its simply insane.

Sometimes the vocals get drowned out by the instrumental and it sounds a little awkward, but it doesn't happen often enough to really ... read more

Lana Del Rey - Did you know that there's a tunnel under Ocean Blvd
The instrumentals are often gorgeous and emotive, but unfortunately lana herself gets in the way of many of these tracks, either cramming an awkwardly delivered line or saying something completely eye-roll worthy. That's not always the case, but this happens so often across the tracklist it's really hard to enjoy this as a full project. Even on A&W, what seems to be the most widely celebrated track from the album, has this chorus:

"Call him up, "Come into my bedroom"
Ended ... read more

100 gecs - 10,000 gecs
a lot of people say an album is fun when it's just upbeat, 10,000 gecs is an album that is genuinely fun-- albeit sometimes to it's detriment. I appreciate how balls-to-the-wall they went with this project, like the completely dumb but hilarious Frog On The Floor, or the surprisingly dark and brutal Billy Knows Jamie.
While there is a lot here that is very enjoyable, like the incredibly catchiness of Hollywood Baby, there are ideas that feel less fleshed out or venture too much into shitpost ... read more
Miley Cyrus - Endless Summer Vacation
some tasteful but boring instrumentals, with really cheesy and terrible lyrics overtop. Most things here are quite plain and inoffensive, but the song with Sia is quite unfortunate all around. That's really where the refrains of "Get the fuck out of my house with that shit" gets old reallllly fast

it's not horrible but yeah there's not much substance here either. My favourite tracks were the ones Miley showed off her voice for, but even then there's not much here I would return ... read more

August, Yours Truly - Audience EP
Hey everyone, my new project the Audience EP is available everywhere now, give it a listen if you want I put a lot of heart into it and I'm quite proud of the results, thank you <3

This EP functions as an epilogue to last years album Performance of a Lifetime, expanding on themes of loneliness, being an artist and trying to appeal to people, the weird line between creating genuine art and then the cynical side of marketing yourself/selling yourself. it also pays homage to many of my close ... read more

Xiu Xiu - Ignore Grief
While Girl With Basket of Fruit is a sharp stinging pain, Ignore Grief feels like an all encompassing dread

This thing was way more droning and atmosphere focused than I expected actually, it approaches similar ideas of horror and immense pain but in a new way. Across the whole project the vocals are mixed so low, it's like they're consumed by the cacophony themselves. I find it to be an interesting stylistic decision, but I do wish I could hear what's being said more clearly, because a lot ... read more

just like the cover, Dogsbody combines the crass with high art in a brilliantly authentic way. It's dark, wild, slutty, and theatric. The thing kicks off super hard with the first 4 tracks, and then on moments like Divers and Sun In Model/Actriz are able to use noise in such a beautiful and cutting way. Still digesting what this record has to offer, but wow I ended up enjoying this thing way more than I thought I would have. Some deceptively catchy hooks on here, combined with killer production ... read more
August, Yours Truly - August Dies and Loses All His Friends
One more week until my newest EP comes out! Here's one more single that's available now before the full release, check it out if you want! This song is a softer more guitar focused cut, been messing around with singing more, I like how this one turned out.
Conceptually this track is about being a young adult and worrying about the transition into a busier life, and wondering how long all my meaningful connections can truly last. Thank you for listening, it is always appreciated <3

"A ... read more

Gorillaz - Cracker Island
Going into this project I saw how many people have been disappointed, and I wanted to feel differently, but yeah i think I feel mostly the same way.
This record is like, fine? There's a bunch of super solid songs on here, but oddly enough they dont really benefit from being placed in each others contexts. You get a lot of polished synthpop cuts that bleed together, that while nice on their own one after another becomes sort of boring.
Things start off strong with the title track Cracker ... read more
Caroline Polachek - Desire, I Want To Turn Into You
didnt quite measure up to my expectations based on the singles but that being said it is a strong record, lots of highlights, detailed and colourful production, and of course the vocals are on point as always.
I feel like this record is at it's strongest when it's playing with space rather than exploring the breakbeat electropop sound, which unfortunately pops up a few times on the record. It starts strong and ends strong, but there is a bit of meandering in the middle, I think it could have ... read more
August, Yours Truly - Carving Board
I just released a new single! It's for an upcoming EP called the Audience EP, out this March 8th! This is a sort of post-industrial poetry track, with a sample flip and some singing in the second half. The title is from the Purple Mountains song Storyline Fever when he says
"Turn your pedestal into a carving board
If that's what the audience is starving for"
Which to me is an amazing line. So that's where the song started, and from there it's a meditation on pain and self expression ... read more
Paramore - This Is Why
Honestly thought this was a pretty tepid project overall. The hooks, the instrumentals, the vocals, they all were good but never really broke into wow territory for me. Some tracks like This is Why and Running Out of Time hit higher highs, but then songs like Big Man Little Dignity or C'est Comma Ca just meander with a bland chorus for the former and an annoying chorus for the latter. I appreciate the sentiment behind a lot of these tracks but I feel like narratively they could have been ... read more
The Flaming Lips - Yoshimi Battles The Pink Robots
A bit more filler than The Soft Bulletin, but when it hits it really hits. The best songs on here are so so good. This album has a quiet, quirky, and beautiful feeling to it that shines through in almost all instances. The production is great, the sounds all have a depth to them and fill the sonic stage really nicely. On top of this the singing has seemed to improve as well, but still maintains the imperfect humanness that made it charming. Also killer cover art!

"And instead of saying ... read more

Kate Bush - Hounds of Love
grand, theatric, beautiful, amazing amazing amazing
Love the percussion all over this project, love how powerfully her vocals soar over the instrumentals, love the concepts and storytelling. It really is a knockout record, everything about it is wildly impressive. Phenomenal

"And if I only could
I'd make a deal with God
And I'd get him to swap our places
I'd be runnin' up that road
Be runnin' up that hill
With no problems"

Favourite Tracks: Running Up That Hill, Hounds of Love, The ... read more

The Flaming Lips - The Soft Bulletin
Bright and celebratory, The Flaming Lips' 1999 record The Soft Bulletin is sweet and so human, full of quirky performances, personality, and great instrumentals. This album has a dramatic flair to it, songs like The Gash and The Spark That Bled almost have a theatre or indie rock opera presentation to them, the former featuring these super satisfying and thick group vocals.

The Soft Bulletin grew on me a lot from my first listen. Immediately I remember being off-put by the singing, which is ... read more

파란노을 [Parannoul] - After the Magic
Parannoul is one of those artists who I am really rooting for to do well and be successful, but whos material just isn't for me. I'm glad others are enjoying it so much though
Lil Yachty - Let's Start Here.
People keep saying this sounds like Tame Impala which it does NOT but a lot of the time this record does kick ass though (that intro track WOW)
First impression is that this is a super cool and unexpected shift in sound, sometimes it works super well and sometimes it feels more style over substance. I think this is a very good road for Yachty to be headed down overall, and we'll see how much this project grows on me from here!
Julianna Riolino - All Blue
really nice debut from a local st Catherine's artist! very well produced and arranged, her voice is beautiful, especially on the closer track. Lots of really nice indie folk-rock tunes here, with a good amount of personality in the lyrics. Really good stuff! Check it out

"It's alright
And it's okay
'Cause we all get bored
And nothing's gonna change, anyway"

Favourite Tracks: If I Knew Now, Isn't It A Pity, Queen of Spades, Why Do I Miss You, Thistle and Thorned

Not nearly as bad as most people are saying, she's pretty fun and engaging as a personality
Now this EP is not nearly a full culmination of her talents, but I wouldn't count her out if you're not feeling this. I feel like she could pull out a pretty solid full record if she hones in on what makes Ice Spice work
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"honestly a pretty high score based on what you said in your review, but I agree. Pretty bad album and I'm shocked so many people are eating it up."
"@alien0000 it is true, it's very sad that I can't enjoy music. I hope one day I'll find music I like"
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"As far as the moments I enjoyed, it was almost always the little moments of distortion or weird shit going on in the background, but it never gets taken to an actual interesting place, most of which I blame on her vocals being so overwhelming in the mix"
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"lmaoo I love that this was the album that you returned for, and I agree with all your points. The sexy baby line really is unfortunate 😭😭"
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"Also Rumors was an underrated single !! I liked it a lot and wished it ended up on the album, I don't know why so many people hated it. It had a lot more presence than many of these songs on here"
On BaddieBaphomet (She/Her)'s review of August, Yours Truly - Performance of a Lifetime
"Thanks for letting me know! For me, For Just A Moment was probably the song I was most proud of myself! The gospel sample in that track is actually Amazing Grace reversed and distorted. I wanted to involve some elements of gospel across the album but in a more subtle way than the Revelations EP or In The Eyes of God, sort of as a secondary element. Cause I was thinking of that moment on the album being a sort of "coming out song", and the anxiety of the seconds before actually saying anything to someone, and in this case the gospel creates this tension between itself and queer identity, mirroring the relationship between my mom and myself (even tho I'm still not out to her lol, it's all hypothetical). ANYWAY I'm going off too much, but thank you again !! In a year or so I'll share the next album whenever it's out. I appreciate the interest! <3"
On BaddieBaphomet (She/Her)'s review of August, Yours Truly - Performance of a Lifetime
"Also if I can ask, what were your favourite tracks? Your least favourite? My friends responses often surprise me, so I'm just curious! No wrong answers"
On BaddieBaphomet (She/Her)'s review of August, Yours Truly - Performance of a Lifetime
"Thank you for the very kind review Baddie, I'm so glad you liked my project!! This album was a big step for me, I had some friends provide original recordings that I sampled on a few tracks (like the drumming all over the project, the sax on the intro, or the backup vocals on Creature Beautiful), and I had it professionally mastered, but other than that I'm a one-person show, I arranged, produced, mixed and performed the whole thing myself! It's a lot of fun, but a lot of people don't vibe with my style so I'm super psyched to see that you do! Going forward I wanna just dial the weirdness up to 11 and make the most batshit album ever for the next one, inspired by projects like Girl With Basket of Fruit and Ugly Season. We'll see how that goes! But thank you again so much for giving me your time and attention, I'm honestly so appreciative. That anyone would give my art the time of day is amazing! I hope you're doing well !!"
On ThomasGuy's review of Viagra Boys - Cave World
"For a review this scathing I'm surprised to see you put it at a 55, that seems pretty high for the words that go with it. I would have guessed you would have given it like a 30 something based on the review"
On AJJ - Knife Man
"I do think that not all the songs here are essential to the progress of the whole album, and certain song structures could have been improved, but there's so many fully fleshed out songs that are very good that it doesn't bring it down too much"
On BaddieBaphomet (She/Her)'s review of Kendrick Lamar - Mr. Morale & The Big Steppers
"Nice review! Loving this album, I'm surprised so many people are not into it! it's brilliant imo"
On Death Grips - Bottomless Pit
On BaddieBaphomet (She/Her)'s review of Alex Cameron - Oxy Music
"This definitely isn't his best, but give Forced Witness a shot. The character writing on that record is fantastically sleazy and the instrumentals hit so much harder than his one."

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