Black Dresses - Forever In Your Heart
Feb 19, 2021 (updated Feb 19, 2021)

Is "Forever in Your Heart" extremely harsh and noisy? Yeah, for sure. Is it unique and edgy? Well, I guess. Is it experimental? Yeah, you can absolutely say that. But so what? Record yourself pouring sand on the mic and I would say the same thing about it.
Feb 20, 2021
You really don't get it lmao
Feb 20, 2021
@LuckLoose not much to get here
Feb 20, 2021
You are literally hating on the genre instead of the actual album, I feel like the only "critique" you have for this album is that it's "too loud" and nothing else
Feb 20, 2021
@LuckLoose Well, what's to critique here then? The vocals are careless and lazy and the whole record is filled with noise and not interesting melodies. The lyrics are stupid. I could write something longer, but this record is not worth it, for me it has no musical or any other value.
Mar 3, 2021
Ehhhhhhh I mean, I get how you could see it that way, but I think you're being kind of dismissive of the record's emotion, it's carefully crafted instrumentals, and it's penmanship, respectfully. The noise and loudness never feels unnecessary, or simply loud for the sake of being loud, and in fact ties really well into many of the existential lyrics surrounding self-hatred, and nihilism. Plus, the album knows when to dial it back and let up, like on the song "Mistake" which delves head first into the vulnerability, and judgement, that plagues the minds of teens, or people attempting to find their place in the world. So, I think simply shrugging it off as noise for the sake of nothing is a little misguided, but still, music is subjective, so I can't judge.
Mar 5, 2021
@ThomasGuy I really appreciate your opinion, though when there is a song on an album that is entirely just repeating "my pussy like a bulldozer", I can't take this project seriously. I think the hype over Black Dresses is just a forced, desperate search for something edgy, with a hidden, deep meaning. And yeah, carefully crafting a noise isn't anything spectacular lol
Mar 5, 2021
@avernannes I agree that Bulldozer is easily the weakest song on that album, but to me, it doesn't do enough to destroy the incredibly powerful vulnerability, and strong songwriting, found on the album. And carefully crafting a "noise" to compliment already vicious vocals and lyrics is pretty impressive, but I digress. Tbh this just seems like a difference of taste, which is fine. Can't like everything, whaddya gonna do? 🤷‍♂️
Mar 5, 2021
@ThomasGuy yeah, in the end, if people enjoy it then good for them, right? Good to have a calm conversation because sometimes you're just being attacked for having a different taste haha have a nice day! or night ;0
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