Awesome -
completely honest being Disappointed this album . Lost Groggs Last year. Sadly amazing. group lost. One of group. Amazing album dope lyrics Not bad. Love album. Gown me album listen now. perfect album. Okay album.
sorry fan. Injury Reserve late game now “I’m fan.
Okay favorite song. Outside Footwork in a Forest Fire Ground Zero.
Awesome -
Amazing dope ep good music awesome sounds. Can wait album full
Can wait feature MF DOOM aesop rock. Amazing good music
Awesome -
Amazing album dope hip hop real and grown rap classic album listen now sick lyrics. Amazing rhymes bests freestyle deep message on fresh lemonade. Storyline. Happened. Favorite song so good. A-team. Feature nappy nina. Best feature nappy nina kooley high
Awesome -
Again common back again album episode album dope good musician bests rhymes moving lyrical that hip hop real. Good album.
Story about talk he life’s. Moving on. Favorite song When We Move
Set It Free Intro (Push Out The Noise) Album best year. So far. 2021. candidates
Awesome -
Amazing song good unique lyrical Andre 3000 lyrics dope talk about mom Kanye west lyrics trash red hat. Come on Kanye. Say he when red hat. Andre 33300 good lyrical. Kanye worst lyrics thank you drake. leaking.
Awesome -
Amazing album sounds amazing best talk about hip hop R&b album
Not rock music reward. Dope amazing album unique songwriting rock album. Happy anniversary 50th. masterpiece Music.
Awesome -
So trash. Not good. Song. Sample 70s why drake. My list worst song this year
Awesome -
Trash album trash. Worst album artwork. Ever.
All song not good feature on album trash. Bad. Worst album
Yeah. delays On album happening Kanye west he worst diss album
Awesome -
masterpiece Album amazing her lyrical genius. Her is flow dope lyrics nuts lyrics. Deep lyrics message on song Introvert.
Talk about women power Woman messages mom. Dope song. Rollin Stone Her switch bests and voice. Never disappointed.
Album best year this year all song
This beautiful bests. On album. instrumentals masterpiece And the Interlude dope her story.
Awesome -
Dope good album album he lyrical genius. Wordplay
Awesome album dope hip hop is not dead amazing artist dope mcs
Watch listen artist. 2021 thank you Eminem good ear. Good mcs. Lyrical.
Awesome -
Okay album feature good but mixed bag. mess. Album
Feature. Amazing. TRACK LIST Trash. Worst song Remote Control
Jail, Pt. 2 Feature dababy marilyn manson Trash in Listening Party worst artist On Listening Party. People mad you. Track list jail pt 2
Not my album best year candidates
Awesome -
Amazing ep amazing feature dope black Thought Conway the Machine rj Payne 38 Spesh & Jadakiss Favorite song Crowns for Kings (Feat. Black Thought) dope good bests yo feature black Thought wow why Not i know Anthony Fantano AKA The Needle Drop Hate ep.
Awesome -
Album dope back king again freestyle good album hip hop top two hip hop so far 2021. Genius wrote wordplay. Dope never disappointed. On album. Awesome album old rapper. Game 90s late
Awesome -
Amazing queen dope unique flow. Bests amazing mcs lyrical rapper. So good music awesome freestyle. Hip hop real love album masterpiece All song. “I’m fan her. Now
Awesome -
Disappointed ep not better. Last ep The Plugs I Met
Trash talk. Ep. worst. Ever feature worst makes bests trash
Not good. Bad. Fat joe. Worst feature ever French Montana, Jim Jones Ep not good
Awesome -
Awesome man dope so Talent rap songs. Message. Good music fresh bests love hip hop and rhymes bests yo fun be myself. This album Good dope so far top two.
Awesome -
I have lot unpack this album. Not good. Say my voice.
This album. Disappointed album. All song worst.
Single not good. Love Lorde. Huge fan her love artist. 2010 favorite song. loyal team Both song amazing this album bad
Again say love her.
Awesome -
Dope ep one. Song woes. One music video. Instagram rhymesayers. New video. Woes drop album October 8th. Nice song pick my playlists. Lot feature on album. Drop Track on Apple Music. Look shop rhymesayes com look tracklist. On wow look features lot. Excellent track. Barcade (feat. Aesop Rock & MF DOOM
Awesome -
Amazing awesome dope good ep. can wait album. Launch October 8th. Full album
Awesome -
Trash ep worst. Ever. surgery Ear infection sounds worst bad so bad. Worst. Worst Female rapper ever not better Rapsody
Not better sa-roc and lyrics Jones. And Che Noir Sampa the great
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