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Muse - Showbiz
Oct 12

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BaddieBaphomet -
Well, Bo, looks like you got a competitor.

Singer, songwriter, screamer, multi-instrumentalist, cuntkiller, death dealer, butcher of the world, and lover of Cheez-It’s Kristin Hayter AKA Lingua Ignota has been making more and more noise in the experimental and underground metal communities, having a sound that draws from so many various inspirations yet bent to be incredibly unique to her. Due to her eclectic background in classical music, heavy genres, academia, and an almost ... read more

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BaddieBaphomet -

It’s kind of unfair to compare FINNEAS to his sister considering they’re two completely different artists just because they’re brother and sister and he produces for her. But it’s so hard not to because, considering how he’s a key part to one of the more exciting artists in mainstream pop music, his own music is so incredibly uninteresting.
BaddieBaphomet -
My parents used to play Coldplay all the time back when I was a kid, so those first four albums are basically baked in my DNA. I didn’t care much for their 2010’s output, but even though “Everyday Life” was kind of a mixed bag I do think it was a step in the right direction. So I was pretty excited by the announcement of “Music of the Spheres”, an idea that Coldplay have been toying with for ten years built on the concept of what the band imagined music would ... read more
BaddieBaphomet -
I’m missing something.

I have no prior experience with Magdalena Bay, frankly my life is so busy these days that I probably wouldn’t have gotten around to listening to this album and inevitably reviewing it for a while. But I always take time to give priority to albums that are garnering a lot of praise, and god damn this got a lot of praise (and as a debut album nonetheless). So it’s pretty disappointing to say that after multiple listens I only feel lightly positive but ... read more
BaddieBaphomet -

This isn’t Muse’s worst album, but this is easily their most uninteresting and overrated album, at least within the fandom. Sure there are some cool riffs and vocal lines, but this just feels like Muse without the stuff that makes them Muse. It’s not really theatrical, doesn’t have any cool genre fusions, there’s no sci-fi or political themes, there certainly aren’t many moments where they’re as outrageously big as we know they would ... read more
BaddieBaphomet -

Sometimes writing my thoughts on a music project can be hard. And other times, the review writes itself.

“Yeah, No”


Oct 19, 2021
>:) I can't wait!!
Oct 18, 2021
I'd just like to emphasize my embarrassment of asking this, and to tell you all you have to do is show a micrometer of displeasure, and I'll delete the question, and forget about even bothering
Oct 18, 2021
Ok, so this is gonna be a weird question, and by all means tell me the title of that Elle Winter album if you mind answering. But I'd really like somebody else's perspective on this.

So, I'm writing my thoughts on "Epilation Joy", the fourth song on the origin of my depression, and I get to these lyrics: "I am porn, unwatched, left on a drive, untouched". Since I'm asexual, I can't fully touch on my thoughts on these, without going to places I'd rather not. So, if you're allo (if not, based), I'd like to ask you this question.

"What are your thoughts about how trans people are treated on porn sites, and by their audience?"


"Is it ok for them to be categorized like positions, and same sex sex is?"

Weird question, I know, but I don't think I could describe them properly with my lack of experience
Oct 14, 2021
Thanks for following back! I appreciate it
Oct 3, 2021
Oh, all I said was congratulations on 700 followers! I’m sorry, I usually delete messages after 24 hours of posting them if no one responds lol.
Oct 3, 2021
I'm working on a huge review of "the origin of my depression", and wanted to know your thoughts on the only interview I could find from her
It can be as long as you want, honestly.

Also, if you know of any others, I'd be thrilled to hear about them!
Oct 2, 2021
What do you think about Good Ones by mainstream pop artist Charli XCX?
Oct 2, 2021
Np u deserve it!
Oct 2, 2021
congrats on 700 to one of the best users on this site!
Oct 1, 2021
Mrs. Baphomet, as someone working on something related to this statement, i want conformation that it existed. i believe you, at one point of another, said that there were two types of music trans people tend to make. i'd like to know where you said it, a link to it, and if you still agreed with said statement.

i promise you, i'll never talk to you like that again, it was exausting


All the projects in my library are records that I have on vinyl.

Thank you all so much for 700 followers! It’s crazy how much this page has exploded in less than a year and I couldn’t be more thankful. I appreciate any support for what I do and love!

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