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BaddieBaphomet -
I was honestly worried about how this album would turn out considering its unusual rollout. I didn’t really love their “Technical Difficulties” series, the album’s release being pushed further and further back, a handful of snippets that I wasn’t super impressed by, and the longest amount of time the collective has ever worked on one album had made me expecting something below their typical level of quality. However, now that we have the final product, ... read more

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BaddieBaphomet -
Looking at the marketing for this record, I was in the camp of many that didn’t know what to expect. The brightly colored album artwork with an album title that sounds like a clothing brand makes you think this will be a pop record, but The Armed instantly brings up combative imagery and everything I know from the Sargent House label is heavy in some way and inaccessible to pop audiences. Well, after hearing the damn thing, I still don’t know what I’d describe ... read more
BaddieBaphomet -
While I don’t think The Offspring have any 9’s or 10’s under their belt, I’ve enjoyed their material enough that I was skeptical of all the overwhelming negative feedback their latest album is currently receiving.’all weren’t kidding. “Let The Bad Times Roll” is an awful listen from its opening moments.

I guess that’s the one positive, it does not hold back from tell you how painful the listen is going to be. The Offspring ... read more
BaddieBaphomet -
Greta Van Fleet has not only become synonymous with artists being unoriginal but being derivative of a specific corner of 70’s boomer rock that leaves a taste of a “I was born in the wrong generation” sentiment. It’s come to a point that the band’s defining characteristic is how much they sound exactly like Led Zeppelin. To be fair to them, “The Battle at Garden’s Gate” isn’t just ripping off Led Zeppelin the entire time like their last ... read more
BaddieBaphomet -
My only knowledge of Crypt is his appearance on the dreadful posse cut “Death To Mumble Rap”, and as someone who doesn’t enjoy a lot of YouTube white boy fast rap I probably wouldn’t have given this album a chance if not for the great success that was Quadeca’s latest album. However, while “From Me To You” has been one of my favorite projects of this year, “Buried Alive” ultimately ends up on the opposite end of the spectrum as one of my ... read more
BaddieBaphomet -
Over the past few weeks, this piece of music created and performed by Floating Points, Pharoah Sanders, and The London Symphony Orchestra has been creating buzz amongst the music world. It isn’t hard to see why, as “Promises” is a great exercise of modern classical, electronic, and jazz music.

This album actually contains just one piece of music with nine movements within said piece, and “Promises” is held together through the use of a handful of chords played on ... read more


Apr 20, 2021
Ty <3 and no problem!
Apr 19, 2021
tysmmm <3
Apr 19, 2021
No problem.
Yours seems pretty cool as well and I like some of the stuff you put on your highest ratings
Apr 19, 2021
thank you too!! <3
Apr 19, 2021
welcome welcome! your page is brilliant.. ✨✨
Apr 18, 2021
Ooh, that’s a good one. Thanks so much for helping me with this!
Apr 18, 2021
Hiya! I’m trying to compile a community list of albums that people associate with the color red. Do you have an album that really just feels red to you?
Apr 18, 2021
AYOOO my top 20 fav artists list is out now!!!! Let me know your thoughts on it
Apr 18, 2021
Thanks for the kind words!
Apr 16, 2021
Oh thanks! I’m digging yours too!


All the projects in my library are records that I have on vinyl.

Fuck, 300. That’s so insane. I gotta get to work on my big review, but just know I love and appreciate all the support, and I cannot thank you all enough.

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