Danzig - Danzig Sings Elvis
Dec 28, 2020
*Originally posted on my Year End Worst List*

Since I’ve been out of touch with Danzig’s most recent albums, the only reason I know this record exists is because one of my favorite artists, Alexis Marshall of Daughters, posted about how his cover of Elvis’s “One Night” was. Frankly, I should have just taken his word for it, because Danzig’s “Sings Elvis” is “The Room” of music.

Obviously Danzig should have made a record like this when his vocals were stronger and had more of a range, but god damn, this thing is shockingly bad. Danzig blatantly misses notes, struggles to hit and maintain notes that would be comfortable in most people’s range, goes off key constantly throughout the record, and overall just sounds warbled and tired, all while drenched in reverb and delay that’s completely unflattering. I’d call this bad karaoke, but I’ve never heard a karaoke performance sound this bad.

You’d think maybe the instrumentals would make up for Danzig’s voice or hide its blemishes, but the production and mixing is just as awful. The guitar, while clearly being distorted and blaring, is mixed entirely too low, the drums are even quieter and when you can hear them they sound like they’re being played by a stiff 12 year old who just started, and the one instrument that’s mostly audible for album, the piano, is out of tune. I want to believe that some poor studio intern accidentally uploaded some rough demos of a practice session instead of the real album, because the idea that this was recorded, mixed, mastered, and released without anyone telling Danzig “maybe you should try that again” is unbelievable to me.

This is one of the least competently created albums I’ve ever heard and it’s done by a rock legend - I’d assume he was trying to be disrespectful to Elvis if it weren’t for the fact that I know how much Elvis inspires him. In any other year this would be the worst album of 2020, but somehow there’s an album worse than this. I’ll give Danzig where credit is due, he had his heart in the right place. He wanted to tribute his hero, and he had the ambition to boldly suck, and I can’t say that about my number one pick. Unfortunately, it doesn’t change that fact that “Sings Elvis” is evidence that Danzig should have quietly retired from music years ago.
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