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Even in a genre like hyperpop, Tommy Cash still feels like a bizarre voice in the genre with his zany energy. However, just like on previous releases, I can’t deny that his almost cartoon like persona is perfectly fit for “MONEYSUTRA’s” collection of bangers.

No matter what kind of track he’s on, Tommy Cash is constantly on 10, showing a uniquely eccentric personality that almost feels like a character from a movie. This continues onto “MONEYSUTRA”, where he mainly raps about doing drugs, partying, and being incredibly sexual. Cash’s atypical presence may be a turnoff for some listeners due to how wild it is, but if you’re open to his type of mania you’ll be blessed by incredibly fun hooks and verses that are way more infectious than they have any right to be. His vocal performances are paired with equally coked up beats that are abrasive, distorted, freakish - one of them even samples an early Slipknot song, and it doesn’t feel corny at all.

However, while I do like the beats on this EP, I will admit I like how much I preferred the sugary, avant-garde production on his last album, ¥€$. I’m sure part of this more accessible switch is just because this is an EP to keep fans excited until the next project, but I still think hyperpop is the genre that suits him best. On top of that, there seems to be continued issues with the song structures not being very strong, and I’m hoping that this will be improved by the next record as I think it really can get in the way of otherwise great tracks.

Overall, however, “MONEYSUTRA” is further proof that Tommy Cash is a zany, bizarre, drugged up, horny madman. Whether or not that’s a positive or negative depends on the person, but if you consider that a selling point you’ll find this EP very rewarding.

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