KSI - All Over the Place
Jul 19, 2021
I really don’t know anything about KSI. I’ve never watched any of his videos and I don’t know how seriously he takes his music. I know he fought Logan Paul and won, so I guess I’m rooting for him, and “Dissimulation” better than a lot of Youtuber music, though it still wasn’t very good at all. “All Over The Place” also isn’t a project I would call good, but I’d definitely call it an improvement since his last project.

KSI’s latest album isn’t so much “All Over The Place” as it is inconsistent. The tracks are for the most part pop rap, with some songs leaning into more into the rap aspect while others lean more into melodic pop. The tracklisting constantly shifts from pretty good to pretty annoying, floating between those various shades. I’d say a big part of that is due to the record’s pretty poor production, as there are plenty of times it sounds like KSI is rapping over a type beat. On top of that, I think the features don’t really bring it for the most part, really sounding like they’re phoning it in due to KSI’s YouTube status. Also, KSI’s singing is as inconsistent as the tracklisting, where sometimes he sounds fine and others he can be really beating.

All that said, as far as pop rap goes, there are a handful of moments where KSI doesn’t do a bad job. For one, KSI and his producers are really good at making well constructed pop songs. There’s a good amount of songs here that I can actually imagine on the radio. And while I wouldn’t call KSI a magnificent rapper, he can actually hold his own on a beat. His flow is solid, his delivery and energy is entertaining to listen to, and while he doesn’t have any super lyrical gems his pen game is still pretty solid, much more so than many of his YouTube peers. Hell, there’s plenty of rappers on YouTube where rapping is the only thing they do, and I’d still say KSI is much more listenable than them. This obviously isn’t on the level of someone like Quadeca, but this certainly better than the Paul’s and YouTube rappers like Mac Lethal and Crypt.

Look, would I recommend “All Over The Place”? No. But I’ve seen so many influencers who don’t care about music put their hat in the ring as a way to expand their brand that it’s refreshing to see someone who actually seems like he enjoys making music and is actually trying, and I’d saying him trying to improve is showing results, if not slowly. So yeah, I guess I am rooting for KSI. I hope I don’t eat those words.
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