Jan 14, 2022 (updated Jan 14, 2022)
As the wait for her next album will seemingly be as long as the wait for the last one, FKA twigs has went out of her way to keep her fans fed. And while the detour doesn’t seem to be much more than a detour, “CAPRISONGS” is still a fun stop along the way to our next destination.

I should get this out of the way; for anyone thinking this wi be another experimental experience like “Magdalene”, you should probably change your expectations. “CAPRISONGS” is probably the most standard, pop oriented collection of song from twigs to date, at least for the length of a whole project. Don’t worry, she’s not suddenly making radio music. The elements of art pop, trip-hop, and alternative R&B are still there with twigs’s signature soprano leading the way. But not only are these songs not bound together by a connecting theme or concept, many of these songs are more accessible, having influences of modern pop and club music, I even hear some songs that seem to be inspired by reggaeton. But it shouldn’t be mistaken, there’s still FKA twigs’s signature avant-garde tastefulness. The synths are bright and shiny, the drums are sharp and metallic, and twigs’s voice is otherworldly. It’s like you’re at a expensive club that is also in the future AND is also in heaven. It’s a vibe that FKA twigs shines in, and if she were to stay in this area for the next album I wouldn’t be opposed.

It should be noted, however, this mixtape is a little bit of a mixed bag. There aren’t many bad moments so to speak, there are plenty of moments that are great, but there are also plenty of tracks that are just simply good on “CAPRISONGS”. Not even song has a stellar hook or an instrumental that shines, and while they don’t damper the songs here that do have incredible hooks and beats it is a noticeable lull. This probably wouldn’t have been a big issue if the tracklist was shorter, but that leads to my next complaint - there are too many songs on here. I get that twigs probably wants to keep her fans fed while they wait, but in my experience people tend to appreciate shorter listens that are consistently great than long listens that dip and rise. On top of there arguably being three to five songs worth cutting, there’s also three interludes that just don’t really add anything. It’s a mixtape, there isn’t a concept that these interludes could elevate in any way, if this isn’t to help the pace then it shouldn’t be here. I’m not expecting a fully realized project from this being marketed as a mixtape, not every mixtape can be Charli XCX’s “Pop 2”, but I feel there are still elements of this that could be refined.

All in all, however, it’s an enjoyable project. There are probably some listeners that want a very fully realized project, but I she still delivered an engaging project if not one that’s a little rough around the edges. But “CAPRISONGS” is just an appetizer for what’s to come, and I’m still more than excited to see what FKA twigs does next.


Btw, almost forgot - thank you all for 800 followers! I’ve had so much fun this past year on this site and I’m so thankful for all the support you all have shown, even during the months where it’s been harder for me to post and engage. Looking forward to spend another year with you all :)

Jan 14, 2022
Great review! Definitely will look forward to it as I'm a fan of Twigs's LP1.
Jan 14, 2022
Also, congrats for the 800 followers
Jan 14, 2022
@arsheeza thank you so much!!
Jan 17, 2022
my thoughts exactly! good review as always queen
Jan 17, 2022
@TomBejoy thank you for the kind words bestie!!
Jan 20, 2022
No problem, you're carrying the site on your back so I gotta show some love :)
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