Drake -  Honestly, Nevermind
Jul 3, 2022 (updated Jul 4, 2022)
I’m tired of this.

I’m tired of Drake’s mediocrity. At best he’s been a decent enough rapper and singer that could serve as an entry point for suburban teenagers that are just starting to get into hip-hop and R&B. At worst he had been uninteresting, uninspired, monotonous, and frankly embarrassing.

I’m tired of having to have an opinion on Drake’s mediocrity. I have been keeping up with Drake’s work since around 2016/2017, I checked out his most essential projects up to that point, I’ve listened to everything new he’s put out since. I’ve enjoyed one album. I would have stopped following him a while ago, but Drake is the biggest artist in modern music and I review music. You wouldn’t be doing your job if you were a writer in the 60’s and ignored The Beatles. I’d be doing the same if I ignored “Honestly, Nevermind”, even after a disaster like “Certified Lover Boy”.

I’m tired of Drake clearly not caring about the quality of what he puts out. Most of these vocal takes are clearly him riffing and adlibbing the first thing that pops into his head, they sound like what you’d record when you’re in the demo stages when you’re just tracking takes to use as reference ideas for later. None of the lyrics are even about anything, and none of the melodie’s are catchy in the slightest. There’s straight up no hooks on this thing. The beats sound like they’re missing tracks, did all of his producers forget what a lead instrument is or what a snare is? The mixing and mastering sounds straight up terrible, it’s like they bounced the tracks when the master was in the red. The very few good songs on here, including “Jimmy Cooks”, aren’t even that good, it’s just that the other tracks are so poorly constructed and work so little as songs that the tracks that resemble something completed sound good in comparison. These aren’t songs, they’re voice memo’s.

I’m tired of Drake being so lifeless and devoid of energy and fun that he’s able to take a genre that’s defined by being being larger than life, euphoric, energetic, and fun and completely rob it of all of those characteristics. Here’s a sentence that’s never been said: “I mean, I like house music, I just wish it sounded completely fucking miserable”. I guess I should have saw this coming when he dropped “Toosie Slide”, a dance song that you wouldn’t ever want to dance to - I just didn’t expect him to make an entire album in the style of dance music that you couldn’t possibly dance to. I mean, is there even a beat drop on this thing? When am I supposed to let loose? This isn’t something the club would sing and dance its heart out to, these are the songs you and your friends would talk over as you’re buying your next round of drinks.

I’m tired of people defending this album supposedly because he’s “experimenting”. That’s just lying to yourself, Drake isn’t experimenting in the slightest on this album. And I know what you’re gonna hit me with - “he’s not making experimental music, he’s experimenting in the sense of trying something new, going out of his comfort zone”. Hmm. Is he? Is he though? Make no mistake, Drake is doing nothing new on this album, this is the same old Drake we’ve been getting. If you switched the beats used here for something like, I don’t know, dancehall, he probably would have done the same exact thing he ultimately did on this album. You mean to tell me you heard songs like “Hold On, We’re Going Home”, “One Dance”, and “Passionfruit”, and you’re 100% saying that his depressed, lifeless, and tuneless take on house music on “Honestly, Nevermind” was him taking a bold leap out of his comfort zone? He hasn’t suddenly started making hardcore hip-hop or EDM guys, he’s doing a moody take on one dance music genre when he’s already done other moody takes on different dance music genres. Don’t piss on my leg and tell me it’s raining. And if I had to guess, this bad detour into house music isn’t because he wanted to expand his artistic palette, it’s because dance music is becoming popular again, especially with COVID restrictions coming close to being fully lifted and everyone wanting to party again, and Drake saw an opportunity for easy money while putting in even less effort or care than on “Certified Lover Boy”. This isn’t Drake experimenting, this isn’t a change of direction gone wrong, “Honestly, Nevermind” is the same half sung, no effort, emotionally stunted, lazy, and mediocre Drake we’ve been getting for a while now, he’s just doing it over GarageBand loops this year.

I’m tired of Drake’s complacency, his lack of energy, his lack of effort, his lack of songs, his insecurity, his whining, his emotional maturity of a seventeen year old boy, his fanbase lying to themselves about his output being anything more than it actually is, his music engulfing the the charts and musical conversation despite most of it, especially 2016 onward, seemingly having no actual staying power and no real passion behind it or for it.

But most of all, I’m tired of listening to and writing about the biggest artist in the world when he sounds like he would rather be doing literally anything else.

Take a year off Drake. Figure out what you want to do. I’m tired of this. Frankly, from the sound of “Honestly, Nevermind”, I think you are too.

Even though i enjoy this album drake as an artist recently has failed multiple times. There is no incentive to work hard anymore because he's already made it and he doesn't value criticism either which is disappointing but expected. I somehow always have hopes set high when he announces new releases because he's the biggest name but he doesn't deliver :/
Great review, as always!

Also, the fact that Drake responded to criticism of this album by making an IG video saying, "It's all good if you don't get it yet. We wait for you to catch up. We in here though. We caught up already," shows a new level of being delusional that I didn't think was possible.
@Doofly you’re definitely right about him having no incentive to improve anymore. I hope that maybe the album’s response might inspire something in him, but I also think he might have too many yes men for him to look at his recent output objectively
@okwowsuchok I definitely think he rushed it out just to have some sort of claim of trendsetting regardless of that not being the truth at all
@ENUNEZ thank you so much! And yeah, that definitely shows how inflated his ego is, and I’d argue it shows how insecure he is about whether or not people like him. He definitely feels some type of way of the pushback this has gotten
glad you’re back!!! i love reading your reviews- and I concur!!
I don't think negative reception can do much for him when he dismisses it as hate from ppl who haven't caught up.
He was criticized for Views and repeated it for 5 years. He was told to switch up and I don't think this is him "switching it up" either. There's a sort of shift happening in the mainstream towards house and dance music, after running synthpop and 80s worship into the ground.
He's just making sure that now that he's not the hitmaker he used to be, he still has a foot in the door, a place in the playlists, this time via fitting the general "vibe". Same energy as all the old school (and newschool oldhead) rappers who started making sorry trap songs in 2010s.
@mfrontz47 glad to be back, and thank you so much! I’m so grateful for the support!
@klctht right on the money with this one
Holy banger
@AShinyGiratina thank you! something this album was in desperate need of lol
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