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Just here to post some of my music opinions. 100- pretty much flawless 99-90- near perfect 89-80- thoroughly enjoy 79-70- quite good 69-60- okay 59-50- average 49-40- bad but could be worse 39-30- bad 29-20- really bad 19-10- really really bad 9-1- next level awful 0- completely unlistenable
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18M, He/him It's all ironic bro /s Healthy mix of shitposts and actual reviews. Just trying to become a better writer while also having some fun. I don't rate stuff 0 or 100; no such thing as """objectively""" completely inept OR perfect music I also *try* to provide a review of everything I rate PLEASE SEND ANY MUSIC YOU WANT ME TO LISTEN TO I'M HONESTLY DOWN FOR ANYTHING LOL
Your mum cos I'm gay
Will soon start doing longer reviews! - Feel free to leave music suggestions in my shoutbox! - Library are my vinyls. - I exclusively rate/review singles when they don't appear on an album or when I won't be reviewing the album it appears on. { Grading Scale } 100 = Perfect music 90-99 = Insanely brilliant 80-89 = Fantastic 70-79 = Really Good 60-69 = Alright 50-59 = Passable 40-49 = Insufficient 30-39 = Let's hope for better music 20-29 = Really bad 10-19 = Atrocious 0-9 = Just don't...
Check out my link to a blog for more in-depth analysis of the music I am listening to Rating Guide- 100: Personal all-time fave 95-99: masterpiece 90-94: brilliant 85-89: Gem 80-84: great 75-79: good 70-74: decent 65-69: worth a look 60-64: ok 55-59: better than average 51-54: average 50: indifference 41-49: bad with a few highlights 20-40: bad 10-20: terrible 0-9: horrible
Hello >.< aqui você vai ver apenas a minha opinião. 100/100 - Masterpiece 90/100 Excelente 80/100 Ótimo 70/100 Bom 60/100 Regular 50/100 Ruim 40/100 péssimo 30/100 horrível 20/100 terrível 10/100 pavoroso 0/100 Trash *Only Reviews in Portuguese. 💬
Escrevo umas reviews bem meia boca que às vezes nem eu entendo o que quis dizer
He/Him (Él) 🏳️‍🌈 Hi! I'm just a guy who likes to listen and give his personal opinion about the albums i listen to, I make my reviews in Spanish because I don't speak English very well, I hope you can understand me, thanks for following me. :) 100 - Masterpiece 90 - Very good album. 80 - Good album. 70/60 - Decent. 40/50 - Meh... it could be Better. 20/30 - Bad album. 0/10 - Worst thing i've heard.
Spotify: CameronFriezer
Aussie that tries to review all types of music 100 - GOAT 90 - Very Very Very Very good 80 - Really good 70 - Pretty decent with some hits and few mehs 60 - Its okay 50 - Very meh with many forgettable songs 40 - Yuck 30 - Very hard to listen to the whole album 20 - 6ix9ine 10 - Probably listened to about 1 minute before skipping it 0 - Jake Paul could probably write a better song
Soy un aficionado a la música,la música me hace vibrar y soñar con escenarios bellos que en esta vida o en la otra son posibles de vivir.
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🚨 || Aliases: Pendejo, Mafiosa, Cabrona Carbokitty my pronouns are they/them! rating scale: 100 —> extraordinary masterpiece❤️‍🔥 90-99 —> phenomenal❤️ 80-89 —> exceptional✅ 71-79 —> good // great 🙂 —good⬆️ & bad⬇️ music barrier— 61-70 —> lackluster // mediocre 🥱😬 41-60 —> not good // low quality 😐 31-40 —> poor 🥴 —hell barrier— 21-30 —> horrible 🤢 0-20 —> abominable // rotted // diabolical 🤮
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sock (they/them) if you follow me then ily i rate things how i feel like it
he/him just going to rate new albums and albums i need to listen to. let me know if you have any recommendations if you see me re-rating stuff look away my library is what i own on vinyl
I'm in your area
I'm a high school student on a quest to find my potential future favorite album :) Yeah that's about it.
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I try my best to keep ratings consistent lol 100 : All Time Tier 90 - 99 : Gem 80 - 89 : Amazing 70 - 79 : Good 60 - 69 : Above Average 50 - 59 : Passable Average 40 - 49 : Poor 30 - 39 : Bad 20 - 29 : Unlistenable 10 - 19 : Garbage 0 - 10 : Hell The Library has my Vinyl Collection (Which is really limited)
this is me trying to be creative at something...🗿 my ratings changes often as the albums either grow or deteriorate⚰️ so i'm not the most reliable person ever listened and judge music 🤖
ugandan knuckles suck on deez nuts
I like to think my opinions matter, but I'm here just to train my English 16 y // Interior de São Paulo, meo
creeping up on kanyes house in wyoming
I am bored 🥱 Welcome to the TomBejoy page buddy, free hugs and stabbing for all 😌👿👿 also my rating system is wholesome 80s and 90s galore If you would like to join our AOTY community discord, kindly leave me a shout below. Thank you! Send photos of axolotls and leave a shout if you want to be my friend! :D CLICK THE LINK IN THE BIO
However, I can describe this situation with saying that I'm breathing but not truly awake. Your girl just exists. Anyways enough with the poetical qoute, let's be genuine here...I'm still 15yo living with music, gonna be musician someday, working on how to become more vital and artistic upcoming talented artist. Fideo is my option to use as a stage name
A MINOR she/her Favorite Album: magdalene (FKA Twigs), oil of every pearls un-insides (SOPHIE),folklore (taylor swift), Love & Evil (loona), pop2 (Charli XCX), blackout (Britney Spears),froot (MARINA), emotion(Carly rae Jepsen),lionheart (kate bush) Fav artist: FKA twigs, SOPHIE, Charli XCX, AG Cook, MARINA, Carly rae jepsen, taylor swift, loona, kero kero bonito, arca, death grips, kate bush. other hobbies: movies (mostly animation), visual effects, PD: I rank how my instict say
California | Doin ya mom
15, He/Him, Music Lover 95-100|PERFECT 90-95|PHENOMENAL 80-90|GREAT 70-80|GOOD 50-70|INCONSISTENT 30-50|BAD 30-00|HORRIBLE
CHECK OUT MY PINNED REVIEW ON "Donda" He/Him Hey I’m Manos! I like to listen, review and talk about music Lets follow each other and support our reviews! I tend to mostly review records that I really like! That's why I have so many high ratings My rating system in general—> 96-100: masterpiece 90-94: phenomenal 86-88: amazing 80-86: great 70-78: good/very good 60-68: alright 50-58: mediocre 0-48: ranging from straight trash to just bad
mf who listens to music but doesn't know the actual words to explain it
furry, gay they/them {this is only for current years!! if you want my opinion on music before 2020 go to my rym}
Live and die in the LDN - Little Simz
🏳️‍🌈🏳️‍🌈Hip hop, rnb (mainly alternative (wow he’s so ✨alt✨)), neo-soul, jazz rap... that kinda stuff First digit is a score out of 10 Second digit is a comparison to other albums For example, I'd give both Ctrl - SZA and GREY Area - Little Simz an 8/10 but I prefer GREY Area so it got 86 and Ctrl got 85, that make sense? Anway, the comparisson means that I adjust ratings quite a lot :)
Depths of hell, Indonesia
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V!rg!π !$/£$, !πl∆πd
AOTY's image processor is actually a v-tech innotab 100- Issa classic 99-90- big fav 89-80- great 79-70- good 68-60- fine 59-50- mid 49-40- bleh 39-30- bad 29-20- oh 19-10- OH 9-1- OH GOD 0- ǹ͉̳̗̺̟͙̻̯̰̲̮̟̲̺̎̊͌̓ͤ͌ͬ̍̿ͣ͌̇̀́̚̚o̳̙ ̆̌̎nO̙̪̠̙̰̻̻͙͖͍̳̻͛ͯͣ̈́̔̆̍͑́́̌̍͢͠ ̆N̵̥͇͍̻͎̝̼̜ͭ̉̿͒ͥͪ̍ͦͮ̕͝ͅƠ͕̯̟̳̩̹̓̍̑̅͑̀ͫ͜ͅ!̒ͨ̓ͥͮ͊̄̋ͨ̈̏̇!̺ͭ ͌̔̅̎͂ͦͯͮ̑̃̓͑̃͊͏̭̰̤̖̮̜̘̼̗̖̬̩̞͎
100: masterpiece 90-99: perfect 80-89:great 70-79: good 60-69: nice 50-59: average 40-49: not good 20-39: bad 0-19: garbage :(
RIP Daft Punk
Welcome to the music emporium here that they call “YessYessYessYes”! Here you will find a range of records. Some may be your favorites and some may be your most hated. Some opinions you may agree with, while others you won’t. I absolutely adore being able to passionately delve into music and to analyze a project’s elements and fundamentals. So I hope that my opinions may lead you to wondrous listens & experiences as the community has done for me.
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24/UK|He/Him. I post terrible reviews. Enjoy. 100 - Perfection 95-99 - Almost perfect 90-94 - Excellent 85-89 - Mostly excellent 80-84 - Very good 75-79 - Mostly very good 70-75 - Good 65-69 - Mostly good 60-64 - Acceptable 55-59 - Mostly acceptable 50-54 - Average 45-49 - Below average 40-44 - Tolerable 35-39 - Poor 30-34 - Very poor 25-29 - Mediocre 20-24 - Bad 15-19 - Very bad 10-14 - Awful 5-9 - Horrendous 1-4 - Repulsive 0 - A complete failure
Alternate account of joshxxi I rate singles on here Pretty self-explanatory

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