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every release that i dedicated precious time to checking out
releases from friday june 11th onward

ONEWE - Planet Nine: Alter Ego
never heard anything from this group before so went in pretty unbiased~
wow what an impressive mini album!! i'm obsessed.
- title track 'rain to be' is a stunning sentimental pop rock banger with gorgeous instrumentation and what sounds like spanish guitars
- 'AuRoRa' is a total serve, the song slowly builds up to a very intense chorus with very clean and expressive vocals. stunning 10/10
- logo and AI are both pretty good songs but not standouts in my opinion, still very solid and have their unique charms
- 'Veronica' has one of the strongest melodies on the album and makes for a very memorable listen. the production quality on this album is no joke, it sounds incredibly polished for a rock/pop rock album.
- closer cosmos sounds like something that could be part of the ost for a historical drama, with a unique melody during the chorus and a slower pace to bring the album to its end. amazing!
overall one of my favourite releases of the year so far and can't believe I have never heard anything by them before!!
Brave Girls - Summer Queen
brave legends are back to end all the other girls!!
Love this mini album and will definitely be on repeat throughout the summer (and fall and winter)
- title track is a bit shouty and loud but it's definitely a huge bop. throwback to aoa heart attack days. brave daddy never disappoints
- pool party and summer by myself are cute bops with that iconic brave bros sounds that we all love
- FEVER is spectacular and the best song by far, the prechorus melody is so amazing and I love the 80s overproduced instrumental with smooth vocals. delicioussss
overall a fantastic release, especially fever
TWICE - Taste of Love
whew what a serve!!
- title track produced by JYPig is the weakest song on here, quite forgettable and bland but still decent overall
- gorgeous vocals and bouncy instrumental on first time - very strong melody
- scandal weakest b-side but still a fun, effective song. glad they didn't go the "make me go" route with it
- conversation doesn't have my favourite hook ever but that instrumental during the verses is incredibly satisfying and makes the song for me.
- meanwhile baby blue love and sos are just 10/10 perfect, no criticisms to be found
I can see myself coming back to this release far more often than anything from 2020.
Slayyyter - Troubled Paradise
wasn't even looking out for this release but listened to it on a whim since i do love her song daddy af (lol) despite not having the best relationship with her (blocked her on twitter because she was so incredibly annoying)
pleasantly surprised for this album to be this good!
- a strange mix of pop2 era charli xcx with rico nasty's anger management mixtape (and an element of cupcakke in the lyricism) but id say it works quite well, and makes for a very FUN listen
- very experimental electronic production makes for an attack on the ears in certain occasions such as the opener
- some very strong standout songs such as cowboys, self destruct and serial killer
- a few of the songs dont feel like they have much substance at all but they are still noisy and fun enough not to warrant a skip
- not sure why she would try to have a ballad at the end when she comes across as the biggest troll in the history of pop music throughout the album, and her attempts at being serious actually made me laugh out loud
overall very pleased with this release and excited to see what she comes up with next
MARINA - Ancient Dreams In A Modern Land
soooo after the trainwreck that was 2019's Lazy + Flop, does marina return to form ????
well my expectations were decently high since I loved 3/4 of the pre release singles, and the one I didn't love was still pretty okay (man's world)
obviously i will not be talking about the lyrics because they are disastrous but idc about lyrics
soo the sequencing of this album leaves a lot to be desired. extremely frontloaded with some of the best songs of her career (the title track, ptp, and vft), that feel like an evolved version of the songs she had on froot.
however after that is done, she forces the listener to attempt to stay awake through a slew of ballads which are pretty but just so uninteresting musically (she thinks everything is automatically good as long as she layers her vocals 30 times). pandora's box being the worst offender
so yeah the non ballads are good but just unlistenable as an album from start to finish. i'd still call it a return to form!!
Kim Hyun-Chul - City Breeze & Love Song
pretty enjoyable set of city-pop ish folk rock songs
unfortunately quite forgettable for the most part but rewarding with repeated listens! title track is by far the standout
Up10tion - Connection
pretty decent boygroup release. the songs themselves have good melodies and are well planned, but unfortunately end up bland and flavourless
- vocal mixing is awful, sounds robotic and grating
- production is really lifeless and lacks any sort of creative identity. i am getting sick of the funky basslines
- lies and parade are really nice imo
overall not blown away but not repelled either
SEVENTEEN - Your Choice
I dont even know what to say but this left a bad taste in my ears. something about the production just feels so bland and grey/dull it just makes no sense to me.... however it objectively isnt really that bad I suppose.
- first track heaven's cloud is nice enough, sounds a bit muddled but the chorus is okay and it's all just very middle ground for me
- title track is actually really good, mv made me like it less but listening on spotify wow its so much better. it has a very intense buzzing bassline which makes the song sound very desperate I love it
- anyone and wave are both very basic and bland bsides
- game boi is possibly the most pathetic, lazy, and outdated attempt at making a hyperpop/pc music style track. an absolute pain to listen to and objectively terrible
- the last song is another predictable "pretty" retro ballad with a basic 80s synthy ballad beat and I just can not be bothered
overall an underwhelming release. if not for the fantastic title track this score would be down in the dumps. sucks cuz i am a casual fan of their music
BamBam - riBBon
pretty underwhelming but I didn't have high expectations soo :shrug:
bambam served visuals in the video and i love his production quality (his company is rich)
- intro left no impression on me
- Pandora is a pretty cool song, I think the drop is refreshing and just sounds very well produced overall
- title track sounds okay but its quite bland and sounds like something I've heard many times before
- the remaining 3 songs left no impression on me and were nothing to write home about.
so overall a mediocre release. pandora is worth a listen for sure but will not be coming back to this release!
Doja Cat - Planet Her
omfg doja girl... biggest downgrade ive ever heard.. like ever! hot pink was an amazing album and the second she gets popular this is what she delivers? SELLOUT !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
extremely disappointed and disgusted by this garbage music and horrible album.
- the singles had me excited with kiss me more and especially need to know being fun bops with lots of personality
- the second i hit play on the opener "woman" i knew i was in for a rough ride. with this basic ass ~latin~ beat and incredibly uninspired chorus. like who tf wants to listen to this shit for fun??? MAKE IT MAKE SENSE
- second track i can't remember anything except that it was HARD to get through, truly a slog
- pretty much this trend of uninspired lazy choruses with incredibly basic spacy trap beats continues throughout the album
- literally every bside is boring, doja really tried as hard as she could to be uncreative and lazy.
- also this basic ass album was apparently supposed to have LORE and like a space concept are u kidding me?? girl gtfo
idek what to say but doja is clearly either a total sellout or uninspired and untalented (meaning last album was good cuz producers). without good music she is just a problematic and bitchy brat. no excuses
Dbo - Wonderful Disaster Pt. 3
this is my first time listening to actual obscure new releases and wow first effie and now this, idk how im gonna be able to continue. while listening all i wanted was for it to be over
- horribly cringeworthy screams all over the songs
- the dc silent night sample in the second song was nice and the song was almost decent
- everything else was unlistenable screams over painfully bland trap beats
overall I agree with 50% of the title
lol what in the fuck did i just listen to...
this girl is an underground soundcloud rapper apparently with her debut ep and wow it is so horrible
- none of the songs are distinguishable
- the autotune is like an ear torture, homegirl has 0 vocals and the rapping was never even good
- you can tell she is trying really hard to have this futuristic ~neon~ aesthetic but all the instrumentals are basic and uninspired
I wanted to give it a second listen but I couldn't because it was too painful to listen to and that rarely happens to me. TRASH
Doja Cat - Need To Know
just getting the absolute best vibes from this shit and cannot wait for the album (much better than kiss me more for the sole reason that i cant fucking stand sza’s voice)
Banks - The Devil
incredibly disappointing.
the whisper hook is not strong enough to warrant being the actual hook, maybe a post-chorus but not the main melody jeez. production does not sound as unique as something I would expect from miss banks. hopefully it grows on me but not a good sign for the album (I loved her previous 2 title tracks)
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