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KicK iii
Mar 28

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Wow how do you even describe this album? I've been waiting for it to drop for like 2 months now, The first time ive heard about this band was from a Fantano video, I listened to their EP from 2017 and loved it, And the singles for this album were very promising. But I have to say it honestly exceeded my expectations a little bit even though they were very high. I wasn't expecting this album to hit so hard emotionally, I was expecting a lot of post punk industrial bangers, And it had a bunch of ... read more

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boygenius - the record
I was very interested in what Phoebe will do next after I've heard the excellent Punisher, And boygenius sounded like a promising and intriguing direction for her, But honestly I would say that the record is a little too predictable and underwhelming in my opinion, Nothing here really stands out for me and its sounds like the band didn't really come up with a new direction or any unique ideas.

The album is definitely a pleasant listen, The production and instruments are easy on the ears and ... read more

Tyler, The Creator - CALL ME IF YOU GET LOST
Honestly I've never heard this album from front to back for some reason, And I wanted to give it a listen before the deluxe edition is dropping on Friday. I must say that Tyler used to be one of my favorite rappers, But recently I am getting a little numb towards his music for some unknown reason, I still listen to him from time to time but he just doesn't hit me the same way he used to (pause).
The two new singles from the Deluxe edition were interesting, The first one was kinda whatever for ... read more
jesus motherfucking christ holy moly what the actual fuck is this shit? I didn't know I needed some sort of wired industrial reggaeton in my life, This album is like Ariana Grande but spanish with strange glitchy industrial elements, Mix of rap with electronic and reggaeton, And not Ariana Grande at all.

KicK iii is the third album in the KicK series by Arca, And its off the god damn rails, I mean its so off the rails to the point that this album and the rails are not in the same universe. ... read more

המכשפות - עד העונג הבא/ Until the next thrill
Well, This is the first album I added to the website, If anyone knows how you can edit the album cover pls tell me because the picture I submitted has really low quality, And if you know how the to put a pfp to the artist pls let me know as well :)
I will put 2 links right here, The first one is a link to the album on Spotify, And the second one is to a website that translates most of the songs from Hebrew to English, All you need to do is click on the song you want, Then change the language ... read more
Fall Out Boy - So Much (For) Stardust
Sorry if the review is a bit lazy, I'm tired af and this album didn't help at all.

This is the first album I've heard from Fall Out Boy, And while its not necessarily bad its extremally forgettable in my opinion. There are some listenable tracks here, And some catchy hooks and melodies, The production is for the most part decent, However the overall sound of the album sounds dated as hell, Bland and corny. ... read more


Thanks for the follow!! (⁠ ⁠ꈍ⁠ᴗ⁠ꈍ⁠)
Thanks for the like on my Music Has the Right to Children review!
No comment on that one 🤪
See told ya 😉
Never heard this record is it really that good?
You should defo
It's a mine gold for indie artists
Well for that just dive into the Bandcamp genre 😉
- shitty noise record
- cool slowcore
- flawless M64 Nirvana fan album
- shoegaze ep
- metal record
- jazz record
I think that's about it
Kinda tired
Thank god for the music


im 20 years old
I love music, films and basketball. Lately im getting more into music, Im open for your recommendations and appreciate any kind of support. I do this for fun im not a critic i just rate things on how much my ears like it and how much i find it interesting.

95-100: masterpiece
90-94: Amazing
80-89: very good
70-79: good/ solid
60-69: ok/ meh
50-59: Mid af
40-49: Bad
20-39: terrible
0-19: a shame that it was made by humans

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