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He could never break meeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee, To be honest this album clicked with me even more then Hellfire, I really love the dark and fucked up atmosphere of this album, Its incredibly infectious and exciting, And so much fun from front to back with tons of creative ideas that keeps you engaged throughout the whole album.

Schlagenheim is the perfect way for the band to introduce their bizarre sound and unique personality as a group, Its wild, unorthodox, Super creative and weird. Pretty much every song here is a hell of an experience and black midi shows a lot of character with their fucked up playful approach. The vocal delivery is extremally strange and unhinged, But it works perfectly with the wild nature of the album and the themes that are represented throughout the tracklist.
The song bmbmbm is a great example, This song is kind of abstract with the singer repeating this strange sentence "She moves with a purpose And what a magnificent purpose", He is not saying what is the purpose or why the fuck she is moving, But he keeps repeating this sentence throughout the song and his delivery gets more wild and intense along with the instruments as the song progresses, He is losing his shit over this woman and the track reaches a crazy climax that leaves so much impact on the listener, And its so addicting and kinda genius even though the song does not have a clear narrative or...purpose if you will.
Now do I think his unorthodox delivery can get a bit exhausting at times? yes, But it didn't effect too much the overall experience and the flow of the album, And for the most part his delivery works very well.

The production and instruments on the album are chefs kiss, It builds the dark and strange environment of the album perfectly, And the instruments are so intense but insanely fun and engaging at the same time. They play together like a well oiled machine, And they match the craziness of the singer and compliments him incredibly well.
There are also some more quiet and stripped back moments throughout the album, But these moments give so much more punch and impact to the louder sections of the album, And the band balances these moments so fucking good.

Schlagenheim is an amazing debut to one of the most unique and bold bands working today, Its intense, Jaw dropping, eerie and aggressive, But also really god damn fun and infectious.

Favorite: 953, Near DT, MI, Western, Of Schlagenheim, Ducter, bmbmbm
Least favorite: Years Ago

This album is the reason I love Black Midi much more than Hellfire for sure
@oakred Yeah I probably prefer it to Hellfire too, But I haven't heard Cavalcade
@barcooper I think its their weakest but definitely worth checking out
Hell yeah, I love the shit out of this album and I also prefer it over Hellfire
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