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Well, Charli XCX has been my favorite "pop star" out there for a while now. In my opinion she is by far the most intriguing, Engaging and forward thinking pop artist out there today. She is not afraid of teaming up with bold and daring producers, And experimenting with different ideas and soundscapes, And that's what makes her so unique.

While the mainstream pop sound is far from being my cup of tea when it comes to music, I must say that I really understand the appeal of the genre. It has a very unique charm and sweetness to it, That not many other genres can offer. And when pop music is made well, With a lot of flavor and color, Like on this album over here, It can be quite amazing to be honest.

Charli is one of the most creative pop albums I've ever heard. The way it blends electronic elements, Hyperpop with pc music experimentation makes it an incredible pop experience, And it also makes the sound of the album appeal to me. It's very diverse in the soundscapes and the unique ideas it offers throughout the 50 minutes runtime, And the production throughout the album is incredibly adventurous and it explores different styles of pop excellently well.

One of the album's best aspects is how it sounds so unique and different from pop's general sound these days, While also maintaining a high level of accessibility throughout the tracklist. It doesn't exactly overwhelm you with its bold experimentations, But no pop album sounds quite like it as well. It manages to perfectly balance between its accessibility and experimentation, The record is insanely catchy and even instantaneous, While blending plenty of experimental elements.

Charli herself is absolutely stunning here. I love her performances on this album so much. Her vocals are gorgeous and she is very passionate and expressive on every track. She fits perfectly the futuristic production and the gimmick of the project. There are so many incredible futuristic pop bangers throughout the album, However I want to mention the most underrated song in my opinion, Which is easily Shake It, And it's genuinely one of the wildest and most engaging pop songs I've heard from the past 10 years. The beat switches, The features, The energy and just how unpredictable this song is, It Blew my damn mind the first time I've heard it, And until this day it remains one of the most memorable pop songs I've heard in my life, Such an unhinged BANGER!

Overall, Charli is an amazing pop album by one of the most uncompromising and daring pop artists today, Its probably my favorite album from her, And Charli we need a new album soon pls :)

Favorite: Next Level Charli, Gone, Cross You Out, 1999, Click, White Mercedes, Shake It, 2099, Silver Cross
Least favorite: Warm

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