Reposting one of my first reviews on this website, Its funny looking at your older reviews. Quite entertaining:
(I will give my current thoughts about the album after the original review)

I don't how i feel about this album and im tired of it, first time i heard it i thought it was overrated and i didnt get at all the hype around it, after some time i listened to it again and liked it (stil thought it was overrated tho) then i got into this aoty shit and gave it a rating of a 96 somehow, i was surprised with my self that i gave it such an high score so apparently i liked it a lot, but as time past every time i thought about that record and the rating i gave it, and the actual music in the album i told my self the score is too high for the quality of the music in the record, so it went down as time past by a little bit every time, now its at 89.
i do like the album but when i think about the actual quality of the songs and the music i just still dont understand the hype and idk how anyone can say its one of the best hip hop albums of all time.
and its really weird because i do really enjoy the album but it feels more like a guilty pleasure, it feels just like a fun album and thats it. some issues i have with it is that it feels so mainstream and accessible and corny at times which makes the album a little fake for me, it feels like the feelings thats kanye is trying to deliver are kinda fake behind all the expensive and fancy production, it doesnt feel real, it just feels like he is going for a mainstream album full of hit songs and radio playing, i just wish it was maybe a bit more raw.
so to sum this shit up idk how to really feel about this project, i like it a lot but still think its super overrated and i got a lot of issues with it, just feels too much cheesy and mainstream to me, but maybe in 2 month i will change my mind and it will be at 96 again i dont fucking know. someone help.

My thoughts about the album after 5 months from the original review:
I like this album a lot, I understand what i was trying to say on the original review, And i agree with some of the points i made back then, Some of Kanye's lines are corny and a little stupid and pathetic at times, like this line on the song Runaway: "She find pictures in my email, I sent this bitch a picture of my dick, I don't know what it is with females, But I'm not too good at that shit", Really poetic stuff from Kanye right there, Some songs are a bit one dimensional as well like the song Gorgeous, Which has a really cool production and guitar, But its very one note and doesnt offer too much throughout 6 minutes.
However the production on the album is amazing, Grand, ambitious and full of life. There are some timeless songs here, Devil In a New Dress is incredible, Power is one of my favorite Kanye songs and it hits hard every time.
Overall i still think this album is a little bit overrated, Yeah the production is great but the ideas presented in terms of the production aren't very unique or groundbreaking, And it still feels to me like the album is mostly going straight up for a commercial success, Even Kanye himself said in an interview that he was trying to give people what they want with this album, And he thinks that on Yeezus and 808s & Heartbreak there are more interesting and unique ideas. So in my opinion this album is great but i dont agree its even close to being one of the greatest hip hop albums of all time.

Favorite: Power, Devil In a New Dress, Runaway
Least favorite: Who Will Survive In America

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