Charli XCX - how i'm feeling now
Mar 14, 2023
I think its safe to say that with this project Charli is most likely my favorite "pop star" out there, her previous album Charli was one of the most unique and creative pop albums I've heard from the last decade, And how i'm feeling now is a pretty damn good follow up, A lot of the elements that were so engaging about the predecessor Charli are transferred to this album as well. While in my opinion Charli is a bit more memorable and leaves a stronger impact on the listener, This album serves as a great representation of the isolated emotions during the lockdown three years ago.

The electronic and experimental soundscapes on this album demonstrates the claustrophobic feelings and loneliness during the lockdown very affectively, In terms of the sound it might be even more experimental then her previous album Charli, To the point that at times it feels uncomfortable and a little industrial, But I think its very appropriate for expressing the emotions of loneliness and anxiety during the lockdown. Charli is amazing as usual, She is incredibly engaging and charismatic in every single track.
However I will say that a small portion of the songs didn't really pull my interest as much as others, But it didn't effect the overall experience too much.

how i'm feeling now is another fantastic album from Charli, Its not a common thing that I'm giving pop albums positive ratings, But Charli manages to surprise me every single time, I fucking lover her.

Favorite: pink diamond, forever, claws, anthems, detonate
Least favorite: i finally understand

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