May 19, 2023
Yooo the biggest collab album of all time over here guys, Omg its so fun I wanna rip my pants and twerk on stages like I'm bad bunny. Its like if playboi carti and David bowie would make a collab album produced by Joji.

Alright listen, Its an enjoyable album, With a mediocre rapper on it. Yeah I've seen many people complaining about it and I couldn't agree more. The production by KAYTRANADA is great, Its flavorful, Versatile and rich, And it carries this album so unexplainably hard.
There are definitely some awesome vibes here and a respectable amount of bangers. Honestly, When I've heard the first 3 songs I was vibing to say the least, Every single one of them is a banger and I even enjoyed the first one as well, I thought Aminé was decent on that specific track and I didn't really mind him, But unfortunately it went downhill quite fast.

Aminé is BORING, When I went deeper into the album it became more and more clear to me, And at one point I just couldn't really stand him to be honest. I must say that this is the first time I've actually heard him, So I don't know about any of his solo projects.
However on a lot of the tracks throughout this album his flows are boring as hell with generic and bland lyrics. He was really not engaging to me and every time there was a feature like Freddie Gibbs and Snoop Dogg it was like a breath of fresh air.
Even with the amazing production that I genuinely loved throughout most of the album, Aminé's lackluster performances did affect the overall experience quite a bit.

Overall I must say that this project could've been way better with a more skilled rapper on it, But it was fun nevertheless and I was still twerking most of time tbh.

Favorite: Who He Iz, letstalkaboutit, 4EVA, Master P, K&A
Least favorite: Ugh Ugh

Ngl almost everything Snoop Dogg is just striped of any sign of creativety or excellence, the only exception I heard as for now is that 1 Ludmilla + Anitta collab
@Vespertwink Idk I haven't heard enough from him tbh, But hearing him here was pretty cool
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