Kesha - Gag Order
May 19, 2023
To be honest all I've heard from Kesha was a couple of her hits back in the day. Before I dove into this album I've read about what happed to her in the music industry and its absolutely devastating. I didn't really know what to expect from this album, But for the most part it was definitely a pleasant surprise for me, However I think it could've been executed a little better.

Even though I'm going to critic the album and mention some of my gripes with it, I want to say I really hope she is in a better place now in her life, And I hope she is doing better. Now, I think the ambition of the album and the unique and bold direction that Kesha took here is probably the most admirable aspect about it. Its undoubtably very unique and it brings some intriguing ideas to the table. I will start with the positives, Kesha's performances here are great, Her vocals are so raw and intimate and she is extremely passionate on every single track, You can really hear she means every word that comes out of her mouth, And she expresses her emotions very affectively. The production is very dynamic throughout the tracklist with plenty of ambitious ideas and bold production choices.

My main gripes with this album are mainly about the execution of the bold ideas that are presented throughout it and also about some of the lyrics. At times the lyrics can get a little too on the nose, Corny and cliché in my opinion, I'm sure the emotions that Kesha expresses through the lyrics are real, However on some songs it didn't really hit me like I wanted it too and felt quite corny and dull. Another issue I had is some of the production choices, I don't think all the ideas came together in a cohesive way and on certain tracks the production felt a little too messy like its trying to shove too many ideas into a couple of minutes.

I will say that the highs of the album are very high and when it hit it fucking HITS. I really loved Only Love Can Save Us Now, The Drama and Living In My Head. On these tracks I felt like everything comes together perfectly and Kesha's personality really shines in them. So even if I'm not in love with everything here I cant deny how honest and raw this project is, And its an extremely admirable effort by Kesha.

Gag Order is a very solid album by a fully realized artist that has found her sound and unique direction, I believe Kesha can deliver a truly amazing project in the future, Because she definitely has the potential for it.

Favorite: Eat The Acid, Living In My Head, Only Love Can Save Us Now, The Drama, Happy
Least favorite: Too Far Gone

Ngl i love her, but I just wish she made a project that was like, above a 80/100
@Vespertwink I believe she will at some point, If she will keep getting better
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