When she said Ojitos secos de todo lo que lloraron, I felt that (I absolutely didn't).

Honestly the only single I've heard from this album prior to listening to it was Te Mata, which was fantastic to say the least. It sounded like Kali is going for something extremely ambitious and grand. And even though the final project pales in comparison, it's a pretty damn good album, and might be better than Red Moon In Venus.

This is Kali's 4th studio album. Although I liked Red Moon In Venus for the most part, I thought it can get a bit one dimensional at times. Overall ORQUÍDEAS improves upon her latest project by a tiny bit. It has some of the same flaws that Red Moon In Venus had, but it's more consistent and engaging for me at the end of the day.

Production-wise, It's great. This album is leaning more towards Latin pop, while her last project was way more soulful, and generally that style fits her perfectly. The production is stunningly lush, expensive and vibrant, with watery keys, dreamy synths, funky basslines, colorful reggae beats and much more. Although Te Mata has the most grand and immersive production, the instrumental-pallet remains diverse and intriguing throughout the tracklist.

Kali is some sort of an expert at creating an incredibly strong and consistent vibe during her albums, like creating a sweet little world that is disconnected from reality. And while this consistent vibe slightly harmed her last project, because it made it a little repetitive and boring at certain moments, the core vibe of this record is even stronger. Admittedly it can get a bit redundant too, but overall it's more versatile and enjoyable from its predecessor.

When it comes to Kali's vocal performances, she kills it. Her vocals are absolutely gorgeous and dare I day even heavenly on some sections, reaching these beautiful high notes that are making my ears melt from happiness. She fits the lush production like a glove, floating on it effortlessly and blending with the lavish arrangements perfectly.

Now when it comes to my gripes with this project, I think the second half is a bit weaker in comparison to the first one. It has a couple of songs that are much more pop-oriented than others, with bland reggae beats and thinner production compared to some other highlights. It's like these songs are trying to be the album's hits, with a more upbeat and energetic sound, but it seems like they are not as vibrant and lush in order to appeal to the mainstream sadly.

Like I said earlier, I do think that even here some songs are a little too similar to each other, and some passages are simply kind of boring, with the same production choices or similar ideas. Like a similar beat, a certain instrumental or a melody. The songs are very good at the core, but as an experience it can get slightly uninteresting.

But hey, even with my gripes, it's a pretty great album, I would even say the first album I REALLY enjoyed this year. Sure, it's not perfect, but it has plenty of standouts like the amazing opener "¿Cómo Así?", the fantastic "Igual Que Un Ángel", "Te Mata" which is the best song for me, and the incredible closer "Dame Beso // Muévete".

Overall, ORQUÍDEAS is very fun, expensive, smooth and beautiful, with a variety of colorful bangers to sink your ears into. Do I think she can do a little better? Probably, but I'm still very pleased with this.

Favorite: ¿Cómo Así?, Igual Que Un Ángel, Te Mata, Young Rich & In Love, Dame Beso // Muévete
Least favorite: Muñekita

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