Oh, so the critics are drooling all over this shit for a reason.

This is my introduction to The Last Dinner Party. I honestly had no idea who they were until yesterday, when I saw a bunch of critics praising it like their life depends on it. It didn't really impress me until I saw that it's receiving a great user score too, so I thought I might as well check it out. And yeah, it's pretty great.

This is the British indie rock band's debut album. The title "industry plant" is surrounding the band quite a bit, so I feel like I need to talk about it for some reason. So hmmm... I don't know why people are calling them that way, but I'm also not going to look it up because of a simple reason, it seems like somebody gave a fuck about the music.

While Prelude To Ecstasy is not exactly the most unique and adventurous indie album you'll ever hear, it's bringing enough personality, edge and excitement to the table, enough for you to be very engaged with what's going on with the music. It's fun, thrilling and memorable yet very emotional and personal at times. which is a balance I love in pop.

The album's production is great. It's blending lush indie/chamber pop arrangements with glam rock elements, and the result is way more colorful and vibrant than you may think it will be. With a variety of instruments from ethereal flutes and magnificent string compositions to beautiful guitar melodies, gorgeous organs and shimmering keys, the production certainly has a cinematic sound to it, with the grand nature of its hooks, arrangements and overall volume.

Despite the bombastic and cinematic sound of this record, I adore how it stays immaculately instantaneous and infectious simultaneously. You can't deny the incredible amount of catchy hooks, addictive melodies and memorable refrains throughout the tracklist. Even if the aesthetic of the album seems rather unique with its glam rock gimmick, it's just as catchy and easy to nod your head to as some of the most addictive albums in the genre from the past few years.

When it comes to Abigail Morris' vocal performances, she is absolutely stunning. Her expressive vocals work so well with the album's glam rock gimmick. She fits the lavish instrumentation like a glove, sounding so natural and confident. She can deliver an anthemic hook fantastically while giving gut-wrenchingly intimate performances with such ease as well. I saw some videos of them too and she has a great stage presence, phenomenally charismatic and grabbing.

Thematically, the album revolves around subjects such as toxic relationships, the struggles of women and femininity, sexual desires and intimacy. Abigail actually delivers a very intriguing portrait of her characteristics effectively, while diving into these themes in a very relatable way for women, exploring these universal emotions amazingly.

I really love her songwriting for the most part as well. Despite a couple of mediocre lines here and there, I adore her strikingly explicit imagery and abstract metaphors. At times it seems like she is stretching these themes into biblical proportions, which is making the whole thing much more engaging and larger than you in the best way possible.

I do have a couple of issues with some of the tracks. Sometimes the production can get a tiny bit generic with instrumental passages that sounds like something I've already heard in the past, or a certain song progression that may feel a little off or out of place. But these are pretty much my only nitpicks.

Overall, Prelude To Ecstasy is a wonderful debut from the young up-and-coming band. Full of personality, edge and urgency, with beautifully rich production all over the tracklist.

Favorite: Burn Alive, The Feminine Urge, On Your Side, Sinner, My Lady of Mercy, Nothing Matters, Mirror
Least favorite: Portrait of a Dead Girl

Sounds like a nice and fun experience! Can’t wait to check it out and fantastic review!
Yes yes yes but not Portrait of a Girl being your least favorite 😭
@fleabag_fideo I just thought it wasn't as interesting production-wise as some of the other songs sorry😩😭
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