AOTY 2023
For Emma, Forever Ago is Bon Iver's debut album, Justin Vernon the vocalist wrote this album after a difficult break up, He drove to his father's cabin in Wisconsin for being alone and isolate himself in order to write these songs. The writing on the album is incredible, Vernon expresses the feelings of isolation and loneliness very affectively with his intimate writing, Light hearted vocals and the elegant and easy on the ears instruments. However I will say that because the production is a bit one dimensional and so stripped back at times it made me lose interest just a little bit in certain moments throughout the tracklist. Yet I don't think its a flaw considering the lyrical content, It is appropriate that the production will be relatively simple and easy on the ears to give Vernon the main stage to express his emotions. But personally it did threw me off at times that everything was so easy on the ears, simple and light weighted along with his vocals and instruments.
Overall its a beautiful album that portraits Vernon's feelings of isolation and sadness gorgeously, I can definitely understand the praise that it gets but I'd be lying if I said it really pulled me in the way I expected it to. It was still a very calming and relaxing listen and its safe to say that I love this record quite a bit.

Favorite: Skinny Love, The Wolves (Act I and II), For Emma
Least favorite: Creature Fear

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