Thank god I'm listening to this instead of Kanye right now.

Live track by track review:

1. Mood Swings: Wow this track is a damn banger you guys don't understand shit, I've seen the low track rating and I thought it's gonna be ass. This is probably one of the most experimental tracks that Simz has released in a minute and I love it. The scattered beat is so intoxicating and infectious, and the eerie samples on top of it are perfect. I also love Simz' stripped back delivery on top of it, sounding incredibly unbothered and cool. Overall rating: 8.5/10

2. Fever: Alright this was actually pretty lame. This is simz' K-POP i guess, riding on that regge trend, and the result is dull. The beat is very mediocre and the sample gets redundant pretty quick, Simz doesn't bring anything engaging to the table lyrically and the song is super short. It just sounds like a demo. Overall rating: 5.5/10 (definitely not regge lol mb)

3. Torch: That was much better. It has the bizarrely experimental quality that the first track had, but it's just a tiny bit worse. The beat is very odd and confusing yet fucking HARD, especially the hi-hat which is god damn crazy. Simz' refrains are very catchy and addictive and... it's a good song. Overall rating: 7/10

4. S.O.S: Lmao Simz just casually dropped a rave party banger, and it's mid. As a person who went to raves in the past I've heard much better tracks in that "genre". It doesn't have the dynamics or the ambition to really get me going throughout the three minutes. The beat is nothing special even though I like what she is going for. Overall rating: 5.5/10.

5. I Ain’t Feelin It: Yeah I don't know man... Not really feeling it (hahahah). The trap beat is kinda generic and the song has some of the issues of the other tracks. It just feels like a demo and there is nothing too intriguing throughout the song other than a few catchy refrains. Simz stripped back delivery is less engaging here as well. Overall: 6/10

6. Power: Ok... Another unfinished track, what am I supposed to say? Overall rating: 5/10

7. Far Away: Ending the EP on a positive note. This is easily the best track after the first one, being an actual finished track with a polished beat and normal song length, thank god. I love the beat alongside Simz' stunning singing, which seems like she has improved since last album. This is also the only somewhat introspective track throughout the EP. Simz is apologizing to this person about "not being there for him", telling him to not wait for her and let go, in a nutshell. I also love the reverby piano and horn buried in the mix, that was a good touch. So yeah, great song. Overall: 7.5

Final thoughts: Although the Ep is not great, I love the artistic direction quite a bit. Simz is going back to that "GREY Area" period, but this time with more bizarre textures, beats and experimentations. Not everything worked here, the execution is at times quite dull and even bland. However, if Simz can perfect this sound on her next album I'm all here for it. I would love a weirdly futuristic and odd Simz project. This EP is kind of a warm up, a teaser, she's just having fun.

Brodie Kanye’s album didn’t even come out what u mean
Bout to listen to this on my way to work (1 hour commute). Love your reviews @barcooper
Anyone who thought the kanye album would come out is dumb af, Im still in school but I will probably also listen to this
fever is brazillian funk, what do you mean "reggae"
@8minutewarning Yeah I wrote it when I woke up at 7 am I was stupid
Yeah I dont get how Mood Swings is so low on the rating either :,>
Who going tell him
@Hexo The Slow Reviewer Yeah I think it's really great

@eveeja ts dropped what you got to say
Funny, I just listened to this after Vultures 1. Damn it was nice to hear something good after that.
@Tykyo they still dumb af, anyone who were expecting anything from kanye is stupid, he doesn't deserve any atention specially for how fucking stupid he has acted over the last 3 years, the music may be good, it did dropped, but that doean't make a change on how you are still giving this nazi dumbass an oportunity to regain fame.
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