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he/they, trombonist, amateur producer and other music shit like = personal favorite [x]8 - strong [y]5 - decent [z]2 - light [a]0 - undecided library is stuff i've heard that i have physical copies of; Vinyl/CD
16 They/Them Saves are ones I have as physical media(CD or Vinyl) Favourite genres - Experimental Hip Hop, Abstract Hip Hop, Midwest Emo and Post Rock.
I'm 18 years and I've been in love with music my entire life. In 2022 I decided that I wanted to rate music and dive in deep into albums as they came out. I did this through 2022, 2023, and started in 2024. In 2024 I also decided to make my "History in Music" list. I started in 1960 and am reviewing any influential or big album from that point on. My goal is to find how music evolved and listen to any music that I would never have found myself.
I LOVE MUSIC I listen to 1 new album every day: feel free to send me recommendations. Only made this account to keep track of everything I listen to, and maybe also to sway some of you into liking my favs :) 100: Favorites 90: Incredible 80: Amazing 70: Great 60: Good 50: Mid <50: Not for me
Indie-Rock, Hip-Hop and weird stuff enjoyer. I'm not leaving my main account, this one is created for the large and mainly serious reviews, while the main one is still up there with the fun little things remember @unrealmikel? this is him now i really love @lisakslv my bro @itspiskavrot (japanese shoegaze master) above 90 is exceptional everything above 80 is great! 65+ is good below 55 is variously bad < 40 is very problematic library is vinyl
music! i like music!!!
they/them hey y’all! a few years ago i was one of the more popular people on this website. i took some time off for work on my mental health and ed. you may remember my first username, s/o to those OG’s. i’m now kindly returning to the community to share my thoughts and comments; i will resume posting soon! <3 with love, jackson
The 19 year old Les Claypool worshiper That one guy who likes Primus a lot Also Kamasi Washington Also Steely Dan Also Denzel Curry Also Black Sabbath Oh yeah and DM DOKURO
17 he/him tries to be different but ultimately fails every time. Love listening to new music and am open to any new music recs!
Music is cool πŸ‘ Rating scale: 100 - perfect 99-90 - amazing 89-80 - great 79-70 - good 69-60 - okay 59-50 - mediocre 49-0 - degrees of bad Rating system: 1. Each song rated out of 100 to the nearest 5 2. Song scores are added together (each interlude can give bonus from +20 to -20 to the total) 3. Total is divided by # of songs 4. Score is altered with six bonuses: Production, Creativity, Cohesiveness, Variety, Lyrics & Delivery; each can add from +5 to -5 Liked albums: 80+'s (albums I love)
I don’t know what to listen, so I end up being pretentious and listening to hipster stuff
Just like to appreciate and consume media in general. Currently finding free time to appreciate it more, which is why I don’t give reviews a lot. Letterboxd: MAL: Spotify:
Exploring the industry of music πŸ€‘ I try to listen to every genre and give my honest opinion on all of them I also listen to recommendations so feel free to give me albums to listen to RATINGS: 1-9 - Dogshit 10-19 - Ass 20-29 - Nah 30-39 - Bad 40-49 - Kind of bad 50-59 - Mid 60-69 - Decent 70-79 - Good 80-89 - Really Good 90-99 - Amazing 100 - Masterpiece
2nd account of @flowtr, more critical ratings this is the business timeπŸ•΄πŸ’Ό always open to recommendations but pls send them to this account not my main
I am man who like music
I listen to music and decide whether or not I like it 100: essentially perfect 90-99: phenomenal, exceptional 80-89: great, love it 70-79: good, really liked it 60-69: solid, decent 50-59: mid, passable 40-49: not for me, unenjoyable 30-39: bad 20-29: terrible, never to be revisited 10-19: horrendous garbage 0-9: unlistenable scum of the earth
mr. kitten will take care of it!
This How i rank the albums followed by a random thought after listening to an album,feel free to recommend me artist or albums to listen to Pls 100= Peak 99-90= Godly 89-80= GAWD DAAMN!!! 79-70= Pretty Good 69-60= It's Aight 59-50= MID 49-40= WORSE THAN MID 39-30= Wtf 29-20= DIABOLICAL 19-10= WHY ??????? 9-0= SHADOW REALMS
i got questionable taste in music
I review musics and stuf
I just started reviewing music in 2024 I’m a singer from nj and plan on releasing music soon favorite genres: shoegaze, psychedelic rock, experimental rap Instagram: Will.Fifield
I review stuff I do short reviews for singles (more jokes and general overviews, nothing serious) I do longer reviews for albums, and HUGE reviews for milestones REVIEW 1000 MARCH 1 (52,119 WORDS) RATING STUFF: Light: 60 61 62 Light-Decent: 63 Decent: 64 65 66 Decent-Strong: 67 Strong: 68 69
🌴 A Portuguese guy who listens to almost everything
Hi! My name is Violet and I love music a lot!! I rate very positively so if you get less than a 5 from me you've done something very wrong.
the king is back 😎 bmth πŸ™πŸ™πŸ™πŸ™πŸ™πŸ™πŸ™ i’ll do my best to respond to comments and everything, but i’m mostly on here to keep track of my music ratings since doing it on docs is kinda hard!!!
The 90's was tight. 100 = Perfect/Damn near perfect album 90 - 99 = An all-time highlight 80 - 89 = Great album 70 - 79 = Good Album 60 - 69 = Decent 50 - 59 = Mediocre 30 - 49 = Varying levels of bad 20 - 29 = Trash 0 - 19 = Take it back to the record store because the fact they charged you for this shit should be unconstitutional

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