- Harry's House
"Harry's House" is quite forgettable at moments, and sometimes even bland, but it's perfectly fine for background music.

Highlights: "Daydreaming", "Love Of My Life"

 - Sunshine Factory
It's not the best album I've heard this year, but it is the most fun album I've heard in a long time, Uffie didn't lose her ability to craft catchy tunes. "Sunshine Factory" is a hit or miss album, some of its cuts are horrible, but there are some great pop tuns here too. The album sounds fresh and its instrumntation is colourful and warm. The first half is more funky and energetic, while the second half is closer to the electropop style of her debut.

Highlights: "mvp", ... read more

 - Preacher's Daughter
The Preacher's Daughter secretly listens Lana del Rey's records.

Highlights: "Family Tree (Intro)", "American Teenager", "Family Tree", "Sun Bleached Flies", "Televangelism"

 - A Light for Attracting Attention
"A Light for Attracting Attention" has some incredible moments but it sounds like a Radiohead side project for many reasons. Despite the band experiments with many different musical styles, a lot of their trademark sounds are present here. Τhe slow paced songs specifically sound like cuts from "A Moon Shapd Pool" and are pretty predictable. Moreover the album is very inconsistent and the are some undercooked songs in the tracklist. The best moments of "A Light for ... read more
 - Dance Fever
Like its predecessor "High as Hope", "Dance Fever" is pleasant but mildly forgettable. The album definitely has some great qualities, it is very consistent and flaws great, which wasn't expected since all the singles were so different and I didn't know what to expect, it is also the most sophisticated and artsy album in their discography, but what really lacks is some of the wackiness of their past albums, it's not joyous and its instrumentation isn't very colorful, which is ... read more
 - WE
"WE" is a return to the past glories of " Suburbs", but 12 years have passed since the release of that album, and many things have changed. Still It sounds like a great collection of B-Sides.

Highlights: "Age of Anxiety I", "The Lightning I"

 - A Bit of Previous
"A Bit of Previous" feels like a return to form for the band, but it's not nearly as good or memorable as their best albums.

Highlights: "A World Without You"

 - Your Queen is a Reptile
"Your Queen is a Reptile" is not your typical jazz album, it has influences from dub and hip hop music that makes it sound modern. Despite the album is filled for the most part with instrumental pieces, it is highly political. The title of the album refers to queen Elizabeth, while the songs focus on 8 important black women who helped the black community in various ways. There is an obvious comparison between queen Elizabeth and these historical figures, the band basicaly refuse to ... read more
 - In the Golden Autumn
The Cleaners From Venus is one of Martin Newell's various projects. His influences are strongly rooted in the '60s, so it is not surprise that "In the Golden Autumn" blends elements of psychedelia, sunshine pop, and folk music. It may sounded old-fashioned during th 80s, compared to other Post-Punk and Jangle-Pop records, but it aged like wine.

Highlights: "Renée (Who's Driving Your Car?)", "Ghosts in Doorways", "Balloon Drop Shadow", ... read more

 - Skinty Fia
All the songs in Fontaines D.C.'s third album are fairly decent, but there is nothing special about this album. It is easily the most derivative record in their discography, and it is quite forgettable too, with no highlights, which wasn't the case with their sophomore album, but at least Grian Chatten sings slightly better this time around. Still the way he sings annoys me.

Highlights: "How Cold Love Is"

 - In the Form of Light
"In the Form of Light" is dark ambient album with a pretty distinctive sound. It sounds peacefull, but at the same time ominous. It is beautiful in its sheer coldness .

Highlights: "Calceolaria", "Forsythia"

 - LP.8
Kelly Lee Owens' third album, is less accessible than everything she released in the past, it is abstract in its approach, it is more experimental, with influences from industrial music, but what sets it apart from her previous albums, is its ominous sound. The album reflects the darkness of our times.

Highlights: "Voice", "Olga", "Nana Piano"

 - Profound Mysteries
"Profound Mysteries" is another sophisticated, etherial record in Royksopp's discography, its not as ambiguous as they claimed it to be, which is quite disappointing considering that Royksopp were always ahead of the curve, They basically tried to recapture the sound of their earliest records, the problem is there is nothing as artsy as "eple" here or as catchy as "The Girl and the Robot". That doesn't mean its not a good record, in fact it is better than ... read more
 - Science Fiction
Generic emo music.
 - Out from Out Where
While "Out from Out Where" is less jazzy and less organic than Amon Tobin's previous releases, it still carries his trademark sound, it is cool, complex and sophicticated, but more eerie and ecclectic. His previous albums relied heavily on drum programming, while "Out from Out Where" is more ambient driven, as a result, it is easily the most delicate album in his discography.

Highlights: "Back From Space", "Verbal", "Rosies"

 - Virtual Geisha
"Virtual Geisha" sounds like an album that was released in the 80s, It sounds dated, but it has its charm.

Highlights: "The Making of Ultraman", "Virtual Origami", "Pagoda of Sin", "Enter Mrs. Suzuki"

 - We got it from Here... Thank You 4 Your service
Side A: 8,2
Side B: 7,5

I don't know if "We got it from Here... Thank You 4 Your service" is innovative album or as good as the band's best releases, I haven't heard any of their albums, so I can't compare it with their 90s stuff, but I really enjoyed it. What really makes the album great is its funky, colourful production, Lyrically the album explores topics revolving around discrimination against minorities, injustice, stereotypes against black people and Phife's death, so it ... read more

 - Mighty Like a Rose
"Mighty Like a Rose" is overproduced and uneven album with some embarrasing tracks, however there are solid tracks in this mess too, Like the excellent closing track.

Highlights: "The Other Side of Summer", "Couldn't Call It Unexpected No. 4"

 - Hard Bargain
The albums' production is too polished, as a result none of the songs really stands out, with the exception of the song "Hard Bargain", which is one of the few tracks that Hard Bargain didn't wrote. Her voice is youthful and soothing and her lyrics fairly interesting, but the album overall is quite forgettable.

Highlights: "Hard Bargain "

 - Third
For their third album, Portishead definitely didn't take the easy path, they avoided to use instruments they had used in their previous albums and they abandoned the Trip-Hop formula that made them famous in the first place, instead they decided to release an Art-Rock album. This was a huge risk, considring it was their first album in 11 years.
The album incorporates a plethora of musical styles (prog, krautwork, electronic, folk), and new elements, including synthesizers, the songs are heavier ... read more
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