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Jeff Buckley - Grace
Sep 20, 2023 (updated Oct 1, 2023)
Thank you all for 500 follows. It is great to reach this milestone. I was preparing for this occasion list of my favorite 500 records, but mostly because of school, this list isn't looking amazing. At the moment of writting there are every album with perfect score from me. Some albums don't have updated ratings. I m going to work on this list, give under every album explanation why it is on it and favorite songs from it. My goal with this list is to reach 500 albums. For my special review i decided to review album that was for long time my favorite and also the best album i have heard. And also, because OG review didn't get any engagement. There is link for rough list:
[Jeff Buckley Discography review 1/2]
(Original Review)
My favorite and in my opinion best album ever. (Not Now) Instrumentation on it is amazing. Every song is building up. Every song, besides Eternal Life and Corpus Christi Carol, start quiet and by the end finish like bomb to your ears ( in good way ). Choruses sang by Jeff are so catchy. I think after my first listen i have every hook on my mind for weeks. Buckley's voice is one of the best ever. His falsettos are perfect. Lyrics sang by him, paint most beautiful paintings. Only lil problem, Corpus Christi Carol feels out of place and it is the worst song on it (still 8).
(New Review)
Jeff was the only son of country star Tim Buckley. Thanks to his father musician, he got into music. Unfortunately, Tim died from drug overdose, when Jeff was only 9. Thanks to his stepdad, he got into rock music. He showed Buckley Led Zeppelin, the Who, Queen, Jimi Hendrix and Pink Floyd. At the age of 12, he started to work on his music. At first he was doing prog rock and jazz fussion. After he graduated highschool, Jeff was joining and departing from many bands throught different genres. When he moved to NYC, he started to take his music more professionally. He was becoming big underground artist, who was known thanks to his covers and original songs. In mid 1993, he assembled a band, composed of bassist Mick Grøndahl, drummer Matt Johnson and him on guitar and vocals. Record was produced by Andy Wallace. Album nowadays is consider by many as one of the best albums of 90's, but at first it was commercial failure. Unfortunately this album became his last. In May of 1997, after many tours and writting songs for his new album in that time, he decided to start work on "My Sweetheart the Drunk". He brought crew from his previous album to make this. After first day at studio, Buckley went swimming in Mississippi River. Unfortunately, he drowned himself. What a lose. Buckley's lyrical content is mostly about love. Many songs are about different stages of love. Jeff sings about good times with his lover and how break up with her impacted him. I am going to say this. Jeff in my opinion has most beautiful and best voice not only as male vocalist, but even as vocalist in general. His falsettos are godly. Instrumentation is amazing. His love of prog rock is really easy to hear. Every song, beside "Eternal Life", starts slowly and build up to climax of songs. Jeff's guitar and piano work is amazing, Other band members do also amazing job. And vibes of it is amazing. Maybe this is my autumn album? Overall, i think this is one of the best pieces of music, with well written lyrics, amazing instrumentation and beautiful voice of Jeff. Unfortunately, we lost this talent to early.
Best Songs : Lover, You Should've Come Over, Eternal Life and So Real
Worst Song : Corpus Christi Carol
Songs avg. rating - 98 + 5 for instrumentation, his voice and amazing vibe.
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