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The Beatles - Magical Mystery Tour
Aug 28, 2023
[The Beatles discography ranking 9/14]
After success of their previous work and death of their manager Brian Epstein, The Beatles decided to do project he was thinking about. This was self produced film about psychodelic bus tour featuring members of British band. So they needed soundtrack for it. "Magical Mystery Tour" is the only US only The Beatles album. Why? In Uk and rest of the world this project was package as double ep containing only new songs for it. US version feature some of their biggest singles from 1967. in that time it was very common that songs from singles weren't on albums. Great example of it is "Are You Experience" by The Jimi Hendrix Experience, album in original release didn't have famous singles. And many of The Beatles biggest singles wasn't on albums. But with "MMT" singles here are so stack. There are some of their best non album singles. And they carry this album. Original songs for film are okay, but feel like besides from "Sgt. Pepper...". Writting here has some moments, but it isn't as consistent like on their previous few records. Singing from all members beside Ringo (happy) are good. Especcially Lennon on "Strawberry Fields Forever" and Paul on "Penny Lane". Instrumentation is pretty good. Overall this record is pretty good, but i probably want check it beside singles.
Best Songs: Strawberry Fields Forever, Penny Lane and All You Need Is Love
Worst Songs: Blue Jay Way, Flying and Your Mother Should Know
Songs avg. rating 78 + 1 for big carry by singles.
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