Yeat - 2093
Cyberpunk 2093
After success of his third album „AftërLyfe”, Yeat started teasing deluxe version for it. After some time he annouced that deluxe album became whole new album called „Lyfëstyle”. Yeat released few singles that were intended to be on that project.”Already Rich”, „My Wrist” with Young Thug and "bigger thën everything" were released in late spring and summer of 2023. In September, Noah went sober. He threw the ... read more
Ethel Cain - من النهر (From the River)
Politics since dawns of time were expressed in music. Many artist in the past used them to express their believes and show the people many of socio-political issues. Great example of artist who use politics in the music to spread awareness about these problems are Kendrick Lamar, Rage Against The Machine, RTJ, now Ethel Cain and many more. Also many musicians used their music to spread their awful believes and also express their hatred towards some groups of people (Tom MacDonald, Aaron Lewis, ... read more
Why Spotify doesn’t have censor feature? This cover is ASS.
After release of unfinished scam called „Donda 2” Kanye went radio silent. Around September of 2022, he returned. He started to tease his new upcoming record „War” and he went on many interview. During many of them he showed some of his believes. In October, he started to say that he is controled by jews and showed lots of antisemitism towards them. At the time also he started to rock with known white ... read more
Little Simz - Drop 7
Kanye didn't release his album, because he was scared of Little Simz. 100%.
After her previous album "No Thank You", Little Simz starts new chapter of her music career with another ep from "Drop" series. Like her previous ep, this one also is more adventures side project. Simz tries on this short ep to experiment with her sound. This record features a lot of elements from electronic music. Like always she has really engaging performances. Her flows and deliveries are really ... read more
¥$ - VULTURES (Havoc Version)
At least it is better than the previous version.
Kanye and TY$ return day after previous single of theirs with new version of lead single for their collab record. Differences between og and this one are minor. Lil Durk is on this version. Havoc produced this new beat. Production is eerie, but it is really weak. I felt bored out. It doesn't really work with artists' performances on here. It might be even worst than on OG. At least that one had a little energy to it. How comes to artist ... read more
¥$ - Talking / Once Again
I have the feeling he will delete this album in last minute. Everything is possible after "Yandhi"
After few controversies and lots of annoucements YE returns with another single for his first out of three collab albums with TY$.
It is definitely much better than "Title Track" for that project. James Blake's performance is really disappointing. He just says one word and he sounds so bored. His voice sounds really plastic in all of these effects. That sample is annoying. It ... read more
ScHoolboy Q - Blueslides
Q on his "MM&TBS" shit.
Since his last album "CrasH Talk", Q only released one non-album "Soccer Dad". Fee days ago he annouced release date and tracklist for his upcoming sixth studio lenght album "BLUE LIPS". His return is beautiful tribute track to his best friend and rapper Mac Miller. On this track Q express his feelings about that loss in pretty way. Also he raps about his tries to become better person and reflects over his past, especcially ... read more
TOOL - 10,000 Days
10,000 Sperm Monsters (iykyk)
[TOOL discography ranking 4/5]
{Project’s name: „Peyote”}
After success that „Lateralus” brought for the band, TOOL went on world tour in 2001 and 2002. During that tour the band played ten shows with their idols – King Crimson. After that tour Maynard James Keenan focused on his work with A Perfect Circle. He released with his other band two really successful projects – „Thirteenth Step” and ... read more
Nujabes - Metaphorical Music
J Dilla still better for me.
First of all, thanks for recommenting this album @MontyDog123 . Gimme more recommendations, because this one is big W.
Jun Seba was born in 1974, in the Nishi-Azabu district of Minato in central Tokyo, Japan. At the age of 21, he formed his business in Shibuya, it was a record store. At the same time he started to produce hip hop beats for local rappers. He quickly develop his style of sampling old jazz songs and making from them mellow, nostalgic sounding beats. He ... read more
Lil Yachty - A Cold Sunday
This song wasn't released on sunday. What is he yapping about?
This Friday is first L Friday this year. Only really interesting release for me this week is Lil Yachty. He continuous his solid run he started with "Poland". "A Cold Sunday" is another in this Yachty run lyrical track over jazz inspired production. Comparing to "The Secret Recipe", lines on here aren't as hard hitting. Overall performance by him is good, but on this run he showed more of his voice and ... read more
Nicki Minaj - Big Foot
Can we get much lower? (So low)
Oh, oh, oh
Oh, oh, oh-oh, oh (Oh)
Megan and Nicki have pretty long story between them. In 2019, Nicki was one of the first really big artist to give co-sign to Megan and she was talking about Meg in only superlatives. But since Meg collabed with Cardi B on "WAP", Nicki changed her additude towards her. In last three years she was giving little sneak disses about Meg. On January 26th this year Meg released "HISS", second single from Megan's ... read more
TOOL - Lateralus
Album that truly opened my third eye.
Thank You all for 1k follows. Something that i have never expected to reach in little over a year being on this side. Being on AOTY really helpem me into expanding my taste in music, helped in comfortable writting in English, now i am fluent in it, and also being part of community like this is really nice. My special review is on album that i have listen for the first time in December and this album not only became my most favorite record of all time, but ... read more
Benny the Butcher - Everybody Can't Go
I know this look Benny. Don't spank my ass.
In late november of 2021, Snoop Dogg annouced that Benny the Butcher signed to Def Jam and after his next record he is going to release his music throught them. In early 2022, he released „Tana Talk 4” as his last release under Griselda and Empire Records. After Grammy’ies 2023, he annouced that he is working on his next album with Hit Boy. In April, he annouced the release date in early August. In June during the interview he said ... read more
Ice Spice - Think U The Shit (Fart)
2024 is truly a year of lines about shit.
Ice Spice returns with lead single to her debut album and it is probably her worst song. It features elements that i don't like in her music. Same flows and mid or even bad production. Her delivery throught the whole song is really boring, it doesn't work with this beat. Beat is pretty bad. It is goofy sounding and doesn't have the kick like her other not drill songs. Lyrically, this track is pretty bad. I don't expect anything thought provoking on ... read more
Tom MacDonald - FACTS
Normally i wouldn't give them attention, but this time i am breaking the rules. What timeline we live that Ben Shapiro became a rapper. Right winger who is know for saying that rap isn't music. I didn't had this on my 2024 bingo. Only thing i had related to them is Tom x Kanye collab. This song is same like rest of Tom's catalogue. This Canadian is yapping his ass off on this song so hard. And he is outshined by Ben Shapiro. I laughed at his verse. Truly a no.1 song material. This hook is ... read more
TOOL - Lateralus
One time when maths in music works.
Before real review, i have an annoucement. In upcoming weeks i won’t post as much as i used to, because of school. I still plan to review new releases on Fridays and i plan on releasing few reviews in style of my reviews of „Badmotorfinger” and „Superunknown”, both Soundgarden projects. Also this account is has almost 1k follows. I plan on releasing special for this occassion probably on Sunday this week. Before it, i am going to ... read more
Soundgarden - Live to Rise
XD. They putted whole energy on this song and not on the album from the same year.
This is what i would like to "King Animal" by. Nice production. Cornell shows his wide range of vocals. Lyrics are powerful, motivating and work well with the movie. Instrumentation is really solid. I really like that this song mixes their grunge stuff with accoustic guitars and psychedelic vibes. Oh and guitats goes really well.
Soundgarden - King Animal
If this album was an animal, it would be a sloth.
[Soundgarden discography ranking 6/6]
After Soundgarden’s disbandment, the band members went to do different things. Chris Cornell released three solo albums and three albums with Rage Against The Machine instrumentalist as Audioslave. In his personal life, his first child was born in 2000, his alcohol addiction weaker. During highest moment of Audioslave, his marriage with Susan Silver – Soundgarden manager ended. In 2004, he ... read more
Soundgarden - Down on the Upside
Up on the Downside
[Soundgarden discography ranking 5/6]
In 1994, Soundgarden started their world tour. During its European section they released "Superunknown" and also tragic event happenned for whole music scene. Death of Nirvana's frontman Kurt Cobain was a huge lost especcially for growing subgenre like grunge. Popularity of it started slowly falling. For Soundgarden also it was big lost as they were great friends with Nirvana. Their American section of tour was cut short, ... read more
Noah Kahan - Homesick
Noah Kahan on his way to remix whole album and deluxe version of it.
Not only he picks really good song on its own to remix, but artist he picks to rework these songs have amazing performances. Noah on original songs shows why range of his voice and emotion. From quietter, weaker voice to more aggressive one. Lyrically, this song is about wanting to leave your home town, but don't have enought power to reach your dreams. Sam Fender works really well on this song with his more drunk like ... read more
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"@VIbesRUs one liner on Scaring the Hoes has it."
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On ¥$ - VULTURES 1
"@JadeCantRate this is what makes talking about great as not everybody has same opinions on certain albums. @destenisia 100% @carrotX it grew off me. It just really boring track that makes me sleepy. @NotAMusicCritic "Hell Of A Life" much better and that song is one of my least fav out of MBDTF @AvatarSushi a small part of YE stan of his music in my body died with this one @SerinSarp sometimes i really forget to click "enter" twice before the next section 😭"
On Westside Gunn - Flygod Is an Awesome God 2
"@lincoln Tyler, the Creator. Seriously he sampled Michael Irvin on CMIYGT"
On Brad Taste's review of ¥$ - VULTURES 1
"listen to songa in the key of life"
On Brad Taste's review of ¥$ - VULTURES 1
On Notfunnyperson's review of ¥$ - VULTURES 1
On Saucelord777's review of ¥$ - VULTURES 1
"Yes. He was so proud of this comparison so he used it twice on this record."
On ¥$ - VULTURES 1
"Scaring the @FLYG0Dstaples"
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"Hoping for suprising 50 on HattieJosh review of "Significant Others"."
On ¥$ - VULTURES 1
"@levitieght facts @Idkman if you weren't around first listening party on vultures chat, you migjt have missed my og thoughts on previewed song. I was suprised that this wasn't as bad. @Cosmorog2022 it was pretty easy to write lots of about this record thanks to this rollout especcially. @MontyDog123 i know that there are many YE fans like you, chill guys, but i just needed to say about toxicity around modern kanye."
On rocketsinfour's review of Limp Bizkit - Significant Other
"Even when i love this record, rest of Limp Bizkit music is really bad, because of Fred hitting that uncanny valley especcially lyrically and because how some of their other works age. I don't think he is the worst songwritter in rock or metal. Like Ronnie Radkie and MGK exist. And there are much worse writters in other genres."
On MontyDog123's review of At the Drive-In - Relationship of Command
"Lyrically, no. It is just straight to the point post-hardcore record. Really emo. It might be my favorite "emo" record, but on the other day i have "The Black Parade" as top record in this field. Great review man."
On MontyDog123's review of Queens of the Stone Age - Songs for the Deaf
"@MontyDog123 Songs For The Deaf, Rated R and ...Like A Clockwork are almost always named as their top 3 records, they are nice introductions to their music."
On MontyDog123's review of Queens of the Stone Age - Songs for the Deaf
"@MontyDog123 yeah, fortunately for you i plan after end my TOOL saga of reviews to do a deep dive on QOTSA music, they are one of my favorite bands ever and they had in my opinion 3 100's and this album is my top 5. This album will go hard in my car after i get driving license in the summer."
On ¥$ - Talking / Once Again
"@eldracula if i used AI, this review would be just a praise of this song. This is just the way how i review singles most part. It is miles better than just doing one line review and not explaining why you like or dislike the song."
On MontyDog123's review of Queens of the Stone Age - Songs for the Deaf
"Dave Grohl's on here is so amazing. I love how every song is different and some of them feature different vocalist. Most of times is amazing guitarist Josh Homme with a mic. Nick Olivieri, bassist, shows wide range of voices. Mark Lannagan has some of the darkest moments on this album. "Song for a Dead" might be one of the best songs ever."
On MontyDog123's review of Queens of the Stone Age - Songs for the Deaf
"Now you need to listen to Soundtracks for the Blind. This album is my favorite concept album. It is about character going from LA to Joshua Tree on a drive. During the songs and we have teases why he is on that roadtrip. He left his girlfriend. During the road he takes many drugs, mostly heroin (that act of shooting it is shown in Six Shooter). Drugs bring him momentary happiness, but after some time he gets even more depressed than he was. Closer to his destination he thinks about his decition of leaving her for drugs. But after he meets God, he wants to do his own choice and in his hometown he throught away his addiction. Also there is concept about music and radio. Many changes of styles are explainable by changing radio station. Albums title is shot at popular music at that time for being mindless and not made for making the art. These popular songs were so mid that they were deaf to the ears of many musicians, espaccially rock bands."
On Tanksnider76's review of Lou Reed & Metallica - Lulu
On MontyDog123's review of The Mars Volta - Frances the Mute
"@MontyDog123 yep, it is much more emo. It doesn't have crazy lyrical concept, but has lots of songs that hit you hard lyrically and with its instrumentation."
On MontyDog123's review of The Mars Volta - Frances the Mute
"And lyrically it is crazy record. It tells a story about junky who find out that he was born in effect of failed abortion. He tries to find the answer why his mother wanted to kill him. He finds answers thanks to his aunt and grandma. His mother was a slave of some religious cult that r-worded women and killed children for rutuals. He was born of that. After he finds out about this he comes to that cult church. He kills all the cultist and then probably takes his life by overdose. Shit is wild."
On MontyDog123's review of The Mars Volta - Frances the Mute
"I should have told you to listen At the Drive-In first. Cedric (vocalist) and Omar (guitarist) were part of that hardcore band and many elements of their work with At The Drive-In they transported into The Mars Volta's music and added elements of their regional Puerto Rican music and prog rock."
On HattieJosh's review of A Tribe Called Quest - The Low End Theory
"does he know about "Georgie Peorgie"?"
On Chuy3_4's review of ¥$ - Talking / Once Again
"@Chuy3_4 only reasoning i see this being hyped up is that "Vultures" was pretty horrible single. This one is just boring. Better than the previous one."

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