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Nov 20

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Based_Garci -
Lyrically and critically, Kids See Ghosts is a masterpiece. Kid Cudi and Kanye West are both in top form, mentor and student finally come together after some weaker efforts from them recently to make an outstanding album. Features are top grade, Pusha T delivers a verse straight off of his Daytona-Drake Beef effort and steals the show as Cudi and Kanye go absolutely insane on this song, everything from gunshots and screeches make this an outstanding song.

Fire has a great sample, however this ... read more

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Based_Garci -
Conway is very inconsistent on his album, instead of trying his hardest now, he seems to keep on reaching and reaching up, ignoring what he has to do to finish this album and make it the best he can. Due to his facial paralyzment, which I won't judge him on, his flow sounds hurried and distracted, reminding me of 2010-2014 style Lil Wayne, but with a drastically different voice. The start of this album is also slow, but it luckily picks up further on. His lyrics are rather good, and boost some ... read more
Based_Garci -
It seems like there is four categories that a "generic" rapper can fall into. A Young Thug clone, a Future clone, an Eminem clone, or a Post Malone clone. The Kid Laroi has made a new category, becoming a clone of rapper Juice Wrld, who he himself is a Post Malone doppelgänger. His voice is still annoying, he doesn't have a charm that Juice had on songs like "Bandit", he doesn't have impressive lyrics, not at all. The features completely wash him out, and I must state ... read more
Based_Garci -
Emotional, raw, and amazingly lyrical. Takes all the problems from the 2011 release and makes a beautiful album that shows his magnum opus for sure. Will truly is a gifted songwriter, and that shows with deep cuts like My Boy, Sober to Death, and the acclaimed Bodys. His performances have also been getting a lot better over the years, improving off of Teens.
Based_Garci -
Beyoncé really made one of the best pop albums of the decade, making her insecurities and marriage struggle public, and combined with beautiful production and stunning guests makes her best record by far. Her voice is stunning as always, absolutely outstanding lyrics as well, diving into other topics besides her problems with Jay. In this effort as well, she starts off bitter at him, but realizes how much she misses him, truly showing a beautiful story in this record. The visuals add a ... read more
Based_Garci -
CSH’s latest effort shows them diving into a more synthpop/electronic feel. Of course, not all bands should stay at their same sound, but CSH’s attempt at branching out doesn’t to much for them. It’s scattered, and does not have a direction or even the lyrical strength that previous records had. It doesn’t even sound like them anymore, if you would show somebody this I don’t think they could recognize this. Taking a step back, nothing sets it apart from any ... read more
Nov 23, 2020
Don't worry, I already thought you were based before this account
Nov 21, 2020
You don't have an excuse. Atrocity Exhibition is loved by everyone and their grandma! You are a thieving scoundrel!
Nov 21, 2020
I don't get it. Is this your "objective perspective" account? If so, then this account doesn't exist anymore.
Nov 20, 2020
Nov 20, 2020
Rate my favorite album a 40 I dare you
Nov 19, 2020
Yo 😳
In all serious good work on these reviews, it's a breath of fresh air. Its great to see you seriously review something and then talk about fucking Kendrico in the next review
Nov 19, 2020
BTR review when
Nov 19, 2020
loving the consistency and dedication you're putting into this account Garci!
Nov 18, 2020
famous last words : i will rate revival a 100 if you follow
@Basic_Garci ‘s alt where she is brutally honest on albums...even albums she loves...
Probably won’t follow for follow on this account...unless you’re cool 😎
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