AOTY 2020
Kanye West - My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy
Oct 30, 2020 (updated Nov 18, 2020)
(Yeah, this is the most overrated album of all time. Below my joke review I wrote like 10,000,000 words on this mf)

also i just realized me and fantano have the same score, lol

Also keep in mind that none of these scores should be compared each other. Each project has a different rating scale. Keep that in your damn mind, thanks!

Yeah, this album is cool but I think that around 500 albums are way better than this.

Damn, are they all better? Reminder that I’m a retarded 17 year old. I have no music taste. Maybe MBDTF is better than most of them

So, it’s time for my actual review, huh?

My Horny Dank Poopy Footbath is the 2010 album from Kanye West, and is not even close to being my favorite record by him, or all time. He made the album after the iconic Taylor Swift incident, reminding me of DAYSTAR and Kamikaze.

Dark Fantasy is a great song from here, very cool. I like the intro but the choir and basic 4 chords drive my ass apeshit. I love the intro probably because of Nicki’s spoken part, I can’t believe she dropped the same day as this tho...

Gorgeous is such a mess. Kanye’s audio quality is so fucking hemorrhoid inducing that it’s honestly confusing why it’s like this. I’m a slut for Cudi features and I think that he saved this song. Raekwon was just kinda there, I suppose.

Power is one of the best Kanye songs, I love the 21st Century Schizoid Man sample, sure the idea is a bit badly fleshed out but I do really love this song, production is good and overall it’s legendary.

All Of The Lights has a really bad drum chorus, I don’t enjoy it that much, badly mixed. Too many things going on. Still has some good parts ngl.

Monster is also another one of the best songs here I LOVE NICKI’S PART. ABSOLUTE QUEEN. AMAZING. Everybody else does a nice job making this song sound complete and once again I do like the production.

So something, I’ll give it that. Forgettable, but even with the star studded feature list it doesn’t stand out much.

Devil In A New Dress is one of the best Kanye songs behind Blood On The Leaves and Roses. Beautiful. Rick also delivers his best verse ever here. Fucking amazing.

Runaway is a song I don’t get the hype for. Pusha T did so much better than Kanye. The intro is just “look at you?” Repeated like 2000 times. Then “make a toast for the ______” then “I sent a bitch pictures of my dick” then “runaway as fast as you can” then Pusha than an a earrape outro. It’s cool, I guess

Hell Of A Life is so uninteresting. If this album ended at Runaway I would see the 10/10 rating easy for many others, probably would be 8/10 for me.

Blame Game is so boring as well, long ass intro and outro and it’s just so unneeded. How is an album with all these duds a 90 user score...?

Lost in the world is pretty okay. I liked most of it ngl ngl

Who will survive in America, boring. Bring Nicki or Cudi back, please.

The last song is See Me Now. Hell yeah, Big Sean and Beyoncé on a song! Sign me up!

Overall this is a decent Kanye release but nowhere near his best work. Nowhere near an album that I’d consider the greatest hip hop album of all time. It has so so so legendary high spots but also some absolutely trashy spots as well,

I used to have this as a 10/10 so I wouldn’t get bullied, that’s a mistake of mine

Oh Kanye, you know I’m just playin’. You know I love you

Best Songs - Monster, Dark Fantasy, Power, Devil In A New Dress, Power, See Me Now
Worst Songs - So Appalled, Hell Of A Life, Blame Game, Lost In The World.

please don’t hurt me
Oct 30, 2020
fr Roses is mega underrated
Oct 30, 2020
see me now is a bonus track. invalid review
Oct 30, 2020
I always knew you hated Kanye...
Oct 30, 2020
@MattReviews dude I gave Lr a 100 but it’s just this one...and ye....and JIK....
Oct 30, 2020
@Basic_Garci Nope, you hate Kanye. Who would've known you literally have the To Pimp A Butterfly bear in your pfp...
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