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DMX - Exodus
Jun 1

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bean -
Thought it said "I'm black" lol
bean -
Man this was really not great :(

This is probably the first time that I've really disliked something while at the same time totally respecting it. I feel like if there's music that's sonically and thematically interesting on any level, then I find something to latch onto and I can enjoy it overall. But with this, the beats, while smooth, fun, and nocturnal, are just so repetitive, along with the vocal samples, which just come in the same way every time, that it becomes mind-numbing. LSDXOXO ... read more
bean -
It's not that good, but it's way better than a Desiigner drill song has any right to be.
bean -
is this real
bean -
Lil Mariko's debut EP is pretty damn wild and enjoyable, even with the very questionable tracks that start and end the album. 'Hi, I'm A Slut' is probably one of the worst tracks of the year for me, lyrically I guess it's not terrible, it's definitely evocative, but by the time the track ended I was just bored out of my mind, which is the OPPOSITE of what Lil Mariko should be doing. The instrumental and the vocal performance has less punch than most standard radio-pop.

Anyways, the rest of ... read more


Jun 10, 2021
Jun 10, 2021
May 28, 2021
JPEGMAFIA - i wasnt trying to frame the quote as a lie, just his explanation. it's bullshit, and absolutely does not excuse the contents of that song. in any way. im almost convinced it's the way he really feels though, and that the explanation is a half-truth, just because the lyrics read so sincerely, and the explanation is so obviously insufficient for the contents of the song

The Weeknd - the same person who did the early stuff did the later stuff lol, and why would lyrics about gang r*ping a girl fucked up on drugs not make you uncomfortable with the artist as a whole?

RTJ - your dad sucks and so does Killer Mike. guns will be absolutely necessary to overthrow the bourgeoisie
May 28, 2021
"man" is an inherently gendered word and i wish people would default to just NOT USING IT @ nonbinary ppl until you know how they feel about it, rather than using it with a disclaimer. it's not a big deal but so many people do it intentionally to be transphobic that its becoming a sore spot

Kanye - "abusive" wouldnt be the word for that i guess and he's not at the same level as some of the other ppl ive mentioned as far as i can tell, but i havent done a lot of research on the guy. wouldnt be surprised at all to find he's said or done something cancellable

BROCKHAMPTON - that's fair i guess and arguable, a different but related convo
May 28, 2021
8. Lana Del Rey has said lots of dumb racist, ableist, and anti-feminist shit, and married a cop who was known to abuse his power cuz he'd been on tv doing it

9. Eminem should be REALLY obvious lol and the fact that you're asking if you support abusers with him in your rates is kinda ridiculous

10. Drake's a fuckin pedo that's knowingly kissed teenagers on stage at shows and has a really creepy texting relationship with that girl from Stranger Things, giving her dating advice and shit

11. and RTJ technically didnt do anything wrong but Killer Mike is a bougie ass landlord so it's really annoying to hear him rapping about leftist shit
May 28, 2021
7. The Weeknd's early material is full of REALLY gross shit:
cws below for homophobia, sexual coercion, drug abuse

from 2019 references to "fucking (a girl) straight"

2011 lyrics about getting a girl so high she has to "ride" him to calm down

2011 "well we didnt force her to do anything" type song

"the only girls that we fuck with / Seem to have 20 different pills in 'em" come on man
May 28, 2021
4. JPEGMAFIA had this unbelievable shit
"This song is a response to racism and prejudice from other marginalized groups. Its purposely offensive, in an effort to prove that talking down to each other gets us no where and makes us lose focus on real opposition. I cannot describe how racism from other groups make me feel in conversation, I've tried, but i cannot. So hopefully after this song, you will feel as upset and low as it makes me feel when other peoples plight is compared to black peoples, & how worthless playing oppression olympics is and how ugly racism from other people effected by white supremacy is."

5. Siouxsie wore swastika armbands all the time and collaborated with Morrissey, another well-known shitlord

6. the BROCKHAMPTON guy with those allegations is on almost all their big albums
May 28, 2021
here we go though:
1. Bowie raped 2 teenage groupies.

2. Joy Division is (and this even shocked me) nazi shit:
"Their debut EP called "An Ideal for Living" had a cover of a Hitler Youth drummer. And Joy Division was the name of the brothels set up in concentration camps to insentivize prisoners to collaborate.
Ian Curtis' wife also describes him as a "violent right wing extremist" in her book about him"

3. Kanye's just a notorious asshole and Trump supporter and probably some other easily googlable shit
May 28, 2021
the conversations AREN'T "useless," because i go way out my way to explain this shit to people at length - they just don't care or want to listen
May 27, 2021
"without making it super hostile and useless" the irony of this phrase itself being a hostile jab is pretty good, props


human bean.


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