An Autumn for Crippled Children - Try Not to Destroy Everything You Love
Sep 11, 2019
I’m going to stress this entirely, EVERYONE GET ON THIS ALBUM IF YOU HAVE NOT! This is an extremely solid record that may be a bit dated given its earlier release this decade, but is still undoubtedly solid and features a lot of dense, expansive metal production that is eerily in line to its contemparies in Deafheaven, who of course dropped Sunbather the same year...

However, I would easily argue this album goes toe to toe with Deafheaven. In fact, I would argue this album beats Deafheaven in packing a longer, more transcendental experience that really presses the sense of urgency and panic rather than falling onto the lush practice of UPs & DOWNs that ensued on Sunbather.

Try Not To Destroy Everything You Love has a few flags thrown up immediately that really do make it a warm first listen as well.

To start, the cover & title really do match up with its sound. Adding to the experience. The metal branded production that comes dangerously close to shoegaze territory at times really caters to the almost traumatic theme (that I more or less interpreted from the record)

The reason I feel that is well, just read the title. The giant view of this pretty pink flower with the text: “Try Not To Destroy Everything You Love”...I just imagine the album is almost like a warning to someone. Telling them to truly walk the line above error. With them knowing that the second that they fuck up, so much can be lost. I imagine the dense soundscape of this album is just the embodiment of chaos that might follow in the mind of someone is met with such stakes. Like you really feel as if you mess something up, everything you know and love is gone. Reduced to atoms (yeah, I, yeah)

It seems like a pretty minuscule thing to base an album upon, but a theme that is so brief yet so DRAMATIC is exactly why this album captivates it so well. The songs just carry into one another. Each having its own random bursts of melody, embrace, then panic, loudness, and utter chaos. There isn’t a really intricate or complicated song structure in an individual sense so much as the album is just one long experience.

To sum it all up. It’s a dramatic sounding record. Packed with very lush and dense production. Essentially if you’ve heard The All-Devouring or Deafheaven’s early work, you know what this album has to offer vocally & sonically. However, aesthetically, I believe this record wins over both. So, whenever you need a record (a metal one at that) I would highly recommend to hop on this. I don’t see many people talking about it, which can be considered a shame, tbh.
Sep 14, 2019
wow, you made me want to listen to a metal album. great review
Sep 14, 2019
finally some love for this album! in my humble opinion this is even better than sunbather
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