Trippie Redd - MANSION MUSIK
Jan 20, 2023
Thanks, Trippie Redd, I really wanted another album with 20+ songs on it. It really did excite me for another year. Welcome to 2023! And as a warm welcome for the first month, Trippie Redd drops you another half-assed long-ass album that is super boring with some of the WORST beat drops and bars to date.

I will give some good notes on this album with the first 5 tracks actually being pretty decent, most having cool features and excellent beat/production on it, after that we get to filler over filler! I literally just heard this album and I can't remember a single thing from this shit, it's such a snoozefest and felt like it was 10 hours ago I first started my journey into another long-ass Trippie Redd album, I just don't get why this guy can't just make regular albums without having to make 40+ songs on them, come on, you aren't Lil B man... Talking about Lil B, he's on this album, yay! Well actually boooo. Maybe having him for something original and cool would really make me happy, instead, we got Swag Like Ohio... Part 2... What The Fuck.. In fact, this album seems like Trippe Redd trying to be funny the entire time with these stupid ass corny lyrics and titles that make you want to crawl into your own skin and never want to see the outside world again. I mean come on, personally, my favorite Trippe song is BIGGEST BIRD! Stop it Trippie, you aren't very funny. Although, I am very glad that Trippie Redd acknowledged the album on his 19th track with its title, great to see how self-aware rappers are becoming these days. Anyways, I could be dumping on this album for paragraphs at a time, but I don't remember shit from this album, I was so close to passing out multiple times and it just makes me pissed off how Trippie Redd just came back with a cool ass album and then decided to drop another sleeper project. Trippie, stop being annoying and drop good music instead of this unfunny dogshit.

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