Trippie Redd - MANSION MUSIK
Thanks, Trippie Redd, I really wanted another album with 20+ songs on it. It really did excite me for another year. Welcome to 2023! And as a warm welcome for the first month, Trippie Redd drops you another half-assed long-ass album that is super boring with some of the WORST beat drops and bars to date.

I will give some good notes on this album with the first 5 tracks actually being pretty decent, most having cool features and excellent beat/production on it, after that we get to filler over ... read more

NewJeans - Ditto
These girls better take over K-Pop
Mori Calliope - SINDERELLA
I don't usually like doing reviews about Mori Calliope since she doesn't have any major effect on me enough for me to want to review it. Still, the amount of people crying over this is so funny, acting like it's the end of the world.

Mori Calliope is back at it again with another album, this time she says fuck you to consistency and tries her best at a shit ton of genres, I guess you can say it worked? I will say this first, this is a whole lot better than Unalive, there are so many major ups ... read more

Little Simz - NO THANK YOU
EDIT: Heard this album two more times, it's gotten worse and hasn't grown on me, fair to say I will continue to slowly decline on liking this album.

A surprising release that I personally didn't see coming anytime soon, Little Simz is back at it again for a new year after her two most successful albums reached the mountains of praise and success. If you don't know Little Simz, she's one of the best UK rappers you can find, a great conscious hip-hop artist that has risen to the top of critics ... read more

Megormous C - DILLON EP
Welcome back my friends, let's all sit around and talk about the next JPEGMAFIA album. If you aren’t already aware, everyday for this week I’m going to be reviewing and deep diving each JPEGMAFIA album, why? Because he’s my favorite artist of all time.

Now with this review being Veteran and being my favorite album of all time, I think we should get more into the army side of him. Last time with Black Ben Carson I explained his times before ... read more

Megormous C - Buddy's HUGE Fantasy
I can sense some carti influence
Black Eyed Peas - ELEVATION
go to retirement, fuck all of you
Quadeca - I Didn't Mean To Haunt You
This should be a story on why you should never judge Youtube Rappers, I'm just completely speechless, I don't know what to say, everything is perfect. It's a fantastic production album with an ambient and raw feel to it, fuck...

This sounds like grief, this sounds like everything is just going to its end and limit, it's haunting and creepy, it makes me scared but interested to see more. It makes me frightened but intrigued. It's something that you'd never expect someone like him to be doing. ... read more

Drake & 21 Savage - Her Loss
How the hell do you manage to make a Daft Punk song sexual, this man cannot be stopped.
It's a nice change of pace for someone like Joji. I didn't enjoy Nectar as much as his debut on the Joji name, I thought it was just the same thing but put into another album, still not bad though. With this album, we get more of a skeletal side of Joji with more emotional lyrics throughout about certain topics that can be easily repetitive in many music genres, but Joji manages to add a fresh and new way of making that beautiful instrumental and vocal-intensive album that completely trusts and ... read more
Mori Calliope - I'm Greedy
Mori trying to improve after showering her best during the EP times, and this… well… yeah…

Only thing saving this is if Paruko and Carti hop on the track

Charli D’amelio - if you ask me to
The most expected song from someone like her
Quadeca - Tell Me A Joke
EDIT: 96 —> 100, Quadeca has done it yet again.

Out for some countries early, beautiful and fucking amazing song

Perfume - ⊿
It's no surprise that I don't like J-pop or any of the artists related to it, it really isn't my thing and I just don't think any of the stuff related to the genre mixes well together enough for me to enjoy it. My most recent listen on the genre is Mori Calliope, and I must say, it's interesting... Although I liked an EP from her, everything else just doesn't appeal to me nor do I care.

Now cut to current time, we have perfume. A well praised group in J-pop that I've known for a while and ... read more

Carly Rae Jepsen - The Loneliest Time
Why does Carly Rae Jepsen look like Sam from ICarly lol
Taylor Swift - Midnights
Edit: Listened to this album 5 times... Has gotten more boring and worse, felt like I got everything out of this album.

With one of my biggest people I've been hyping up for this year being Taylor Swift, there was no doubt in my mind that I would love this. I mean come on, it has Lana Del Ray on it! It can't be that bad... right?

Well, here we are with one of my favorite female artists finally putting out an album that isn't a re-work on older albums. And god, it's disappointing. Easily her ... read more

Disturbed - Divisive
got leaked lol, just some normal Disturbed. Nothing bad or good, just there.
Mori Calliope - Shinigami Note
Alright, lets go back to Lo-Fi pls. Welcome back to another review my friends and we are talking about infamous Vtuber artist Mori Calliope. I've seen how much negative feedback this girl has gotten for a while and I've been interested in it. I first listened to "Your Mori. Lo-Fi Album" which was a nice and laidback set of tracks that had its beats REALLY carry her, infact I wasn't the fan of the vocals mostly which was my main complaint.

Now with this EP, we get exactly what I ... read more

The 1975 - Being Funny in a Foreign Language
A beautiful album that sets The 1975 on a high bar. The emotional hits on this album really show how much was put into this album, the connections between other albums from the past and the meanings of each song really shows how much The 1975 can show off. An emotional impact of an album that shows the beautiful side of them.
Poppy - Stagger
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