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No, I'm not peachym0chi. I like to rate albums typically based on my overall enjoyment, but I'm honestly willing to listen to anything, good or bad. Anything above 60 is technically positive. Anything above 70 is good enough for me to keep listening.
live and breathe shoegaze, black metal, psychedelia, sample-based production, 90's rave music, anything beginning in 'post-' and pop of all sorts. i incorporate more personal stories than musical commentary into reviews, because my life is music anyway. be forewarned some of it might be overly-sentimental. if you're looking for reviews focused on how something sounds, look elsewhere. might get around to some more traditional reviews for newer releases soon. idk but have you seen my records?
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Chicago Suburbia
Rap guy. Listen to every album at least twice, albums with reviews at least three times, usually 4-6.
The Money Store
Just a guy who loves music
Pennsylvania, USA
100 - Perfect (I'm very generous w/ these) 90-99 - Super ultra great 80-89 - Really great 70-79 - Good 60-69 - Pretty good 50-59 - Nothing special 40-49 - Please no 30-39 - Pretty bad 20-29 - Bad 10-19 - Just AWFUL 0-9 - One of the worst experiences of the year FAVORITE BANDS: System Of A Down Gojira Metallica Foo Fighters Descendents Rage Against the Machine Red Hot Chili Peppers Tool Melvins Black Flag Placebo Incubus Minor Threat Bad Religion One day I'll get back on dat YouTube griiind
New Zealand, Land Of The Sheep
white man who thinks he knows music because he listened to Swans once, i review things frequently for recommendations: just go for loud, abrasive, fun and weird stuff.
Hi guys :) My name is Ryan and I'm a college student with a massive love for music and love writing about it. I try to avoid music I hate so most of my scores are positive. Slowly working in reviews of older albums.
fuck shit bitch hehe
100 - Perfect Album that I replay often or consider innovative 90 - Amazing album 80 - Great or something I very much enjoy 70 - Either an objectively great album that I don't enjoy THAT much or a good album 60 - Above average album that may have some flaws 50 - General indifference 40 - Not good, might have a few tracks I enjoy though 30 - Bad, the record has fundamental issues that prevent it from being enjoyable 20, 10 -Terrible to offensively bad. Actively hate it
BTS stan
an account of objective facts send new music recs if you'd like
Trey Likes Bands
too many 10s? possibly...
New video! Only listening to Swans for two weeks!: I do YouTube... the vids are alright; maybe check it out. I have chromesthesia and I play piano and tenor saxophone. Also looking to make music sometime soon. Insta: trey.cardi 100-95: Masterpiece (all perfect singles get 99) 94-90: Outstanding 89-85: Amazing 84-75: Great 74-65: Good 64-55: Decent 54-45: Average 44-35: Mediocre 34-25: Bad 24-10: Horrendous 9-0: Hot Garbage
Tired of trolls, snobs & fanboys all taking themselves way too seriously? Follow me on here & twitter. Former music, film columnist Kent Wired (voted #1 college publication in U.S.) / Documentarian / Vinyl DJ / Freelance (62+ are worth a listen).
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Emotional. Thoughtful. Centrifugal. Solar, Logical. Cries at a good film. Bulbous, also quick!
Eminem's ass
Im a Eminem stan but I fw many other Hip Hop artists too. I love classical music and Hip Hop but I actually listen to any genre if it sounds good :) Many albums I listened to aint even on this site but Im too lazy to add them all here. Sean Paul is my favourite mumble rapper.
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Ratings based on personal enjoyment. Ratings subject to change. 100 - Perfection 90 - Amazing 80 - Great 70 - Good 60 - Decent 50 - Mediocre 40 - Bad 30 - Really Bad 20 - Awful 10 - Horrible 0 - Sonic Torture
Probably addicted to Kid Cudi and Mac Miller, should I seek help?
England, United Kingdom
TPAB is an 100/10.
Daddy Than Than
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*snaps fingers* Suggest me stuff in these genres: ambient/dark ambient post-rock post-industrial/industrial wonky modern classical darkwave/ethereal wave uk bass deconstructed club blackgaze Rating System is a school 10 pt grading scale not a 1-100 pct based rating. Rating System: 100: masterpiece 95: amazing 90: loved it 85: really liked it 80: very good 75: good 70: average 65: meh 60: slightly boring 50: pretty boring 40: not good 30: bad 20: terrible 10: horrific 0: belongs in dumpster
I'm a taco that came to life for no reason and now I listen to music even though I have no ears NOTE: I recommend reading my reviews rather than only looking at my ratings, since they don't always represent my opinions that well. But here's a general idea of how I'd rate something: 0-9 Atrocious 10-19 Terrible 20-29 Really bad 30-39 Bad 40-49 Not good 50-59 Meh 60-69 Okay 70-79 Good 80-89 Great 90-94 Fantastic 95-99 Exceptional 100 LISTEN TO THIS NOW Also I like literally everything Bye
Hello, I'm João and I spend most of my day listening to music and crying.
earth (fuck you thought)
Kanye Stan | Earl Stan | Rap & Hiphop Amino Member | CDTVProductions Amino God|
Uncle's basement
Hungarian self-teaching producer and Hip-Hop lover. I rate albums too high sometimes.
i listen to albums people say are good, and then say they are also good. unless...they aren't
hi. idk why you're here. im that one dude from cdtva. im not that interesting. RATING SYSTEM: 1-20 = levels on trash 21 - 40 = levels of meh 41 - 60 = levels of alright 61 - 80 = good 81 - 99 = great 100 = i busted a nut atleast 200 times during the album
Crazy, wanna come?
"All my favorite singers couldn't sing." My scores are a reflection of my overall experience and less of critical analysis. Constructive feedback is ALWAYS welcomed! Anyways, if you have a music suggestion feel free to share! I'm also a gardener and I can give advice if needed! Bongo cat is best meme. Yes sir. Take care and God bless! Social & Games: Switch: SW-7448-8869-4375 Instagram: throwbackgmac
The little train station in Harpers Ferry
And all I couldn't sing, I would say it all, my life, to you If I could get you at all Trying to be something that I wasn't at all recommend me stuff if you want I'm not a critic, so don't take me seriously
Somewhere, probably listening to music.
This is purely an archive at this point
y'all i'll be back on june 2019!
did you know that bashing my music taste increases your chances of changing my opinion to 0%. heya! i'm abe! and i'm here because of impa mates. 😄 i really love everyone in here! WWWW! Rating System: 100 - W 99 to 90 - supercalifragilisticexpialidocious 89 to 80 - i appreciate you 79 to 60 - nice for background music 59 to 50 - listenable/acceptable/tolerable/lowkey okey for background music 49 to 0 - a lot of skips happened, didn't finish listening, stops listening midway to the album.
Vivid the "Aids"
i really should listen to more than 6 albums, shoudlnt i
Hello I am Cameron, you may know me from RHHA from being the most important member/curator there. I’ve been listening to hip hop for about 2 years and currently making music of my own.
"Bitch I'm back out my coma" shouts zas as he returns to after roughly a half year of inactivity
Rating Scale: 100 - These don't exist 95 - Consistently orgasmic 90 - Fucking insane 85 - Amazing 80 - Great 75 - Really Good 70 - Good 65 - Enjoyable 60 - Decent 55 - Passable 50 - Ehhhhhhhhh 45 - Mediocre 40 - Bad 35-0 - I almost never use these ratings
Professional hipster. Playboi Carti stan I fucking hate my username btw, I'm just kinda stuck with it
Hey. I'm Steph, im 15 and I never learned how to fucking read
Recovering Radiohead Stan
I’m not done rating albums so most of my ratings are super high because I’m going from highest album rated to lowest with a few exceptions
Albums can be pretty fun sometimes...
Cuck's Mind
I listen to music sometimes, and sometimes I even rate and review it. Although I change opinions really often so take all my ratings a bit lightly.
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