These are all the releases of 2020 ranked,the ones i heard ecco release the full version of play em like atari
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inspired by dearsongs
Updated 3d agoRanked 8░▒▓-%EF%BD%84%EF%BD%85%EF%BD%85%EF%BD%90-%EF%BD%89%EF%BD%8E%EF%BD%94%EF%BD%85%EF%BD%92%EF%BD%8E%EF%BD%85%EF%BD%94▓▒░/ basically ranking the albums on ...
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Albums that are destructive and powerful and will tear you down bit by bit. Anything in the realms of Noise,Power Electronics etc. are welcomed
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Inspired by dearsongs to keep track off my collection Every time i get a pshical copy of a album i will add it to the list
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