Flatsound - Somewhere In The Distance, Somewhere Toward The Mountains
Sep 17, 2019
Funny thing about this review, i've attempted to right a big ol' review for this but after 3 mishaps and 3 very angry punches to my computer....I'm just going to take it easier, less info, more emotion
Flatsound, a recording project that sprouted from Mitch Welling, a poet, songwriter, and photographer who, for the past, 10 or so years in his career, has grown as an artist. Whether it'd be his lo-fi production, or his support from fans, the times have definitely aged him as musician very well. For this year though, he's taken a new direction, ambience...
Now drone, is a genre thats hard to get the hang of, well crafting a mixture of emotionally powerful music with progression and having a eerie, striped back production feel to it is hard to get.
But here I think Mitch hit a gold spot, each song sounding fresh and emotionally charged despite the track times. With an hour and fourty four minute album, some songs have more time to blossom and represnt a deeper significance to it all. Take, Learning to Warm Cold Hands, for example, a twenty two minute song, that starts with only a few chords, but slowly, it builds onto its self, and progressively a sense of existentialism arises and the listener is felt lost, though still comforted by the present noises.
It feels like an absence, a loved when, there, or maybe not there
Listening to you, understanding what's going on, and is there for you
The song all in all is comforting, no matter how you approach it. This is how I feel about the album in its entirety, these tracks just radiate a sense of organic human emotion thats seems to be pushed to a state of depression, but still they maintain a sense of composure throughout.
This album overall is a great way of showing what taking new artistic chances can do for a writer, from a lo-fi- folktronica writer, to a stab at ambience, Mitchs efforts here are worth every bit of love :^)
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