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BGL13 -
with 800 followers, i think it’s finally time to review the black parade. my favorite album of all time, the album that shaped me as a person, the album that helped me discover my love for music, the album that made me want to play guitar, and the album that got me through many hard times.

the first time i heard this album was on my tenth birthday. when i was 10, i pretty much only listened to whatever was on the radio and occasionally my dad’s old beastie boys cd. but i still ... read more

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BGL13 -
hobo johnson is right wing propoganda designed to make socialists look dumb
BGL13 -
my first thought when listening to this album was that it really doesn’t feel like an album by one of the most popular artists in the world. to be fair, neither does WWAFAWDG, but while that album was unique in its darkness, this album feels a lot more stripped back than most modern pop albums. for me, billie’s success has always been an anomaly. that’s not to see i’m not happy she’s successful, i’m just surprised by it. the second thing i have to say about ... read more
BGL13 -
this feels like a tom macdonald song
BGL13 -
i first heard about this album when spectrum pulse gave it a 9/10. i immediately put it on my list of albums i needed to hear but then i just forgot (forgor💀) about it for a little bit. until yesterday when crash thompson gave it a 10/10 and i thought “ohhhhh that album! i should probably go listen to that.” and i really wish i decided to listen to this sooner than i did. musically, it’s just a pretty nice alt country/folk album with a vocalist with an extremely comforting ... read more
BGL13 -
i don’t normally listen to soundtracks from things i haven’t watched. i worry that it won’t be as good without the context of the media it’s accompanying. but considering how good this album is, i might start reconsidering that. as i implied earlier, i’ve never watched neon genesis evangelion and i expected that to impact my enjoyment of this album. but it really didn’t. this is just some absolutely fucking beautiful bossa nova, which is a genre i’m not ... read more


Aug 4, 2021
thank you :D
Aug 4, 2021
lemme know when you get it so i can delete it
Aug 4, 2021
Hey! Want an early listen of the song you're in>?
Aug 4, 2021
also, ill send you the song a few days early when i finish it :D
Aug 4, 2021
they fit nicely :D
Aug 4, 2021
LMAOOOO i forgot to tell you the song is in 3/4 so even though youused a metronome it still wasn't matching with the actual song's tempo

I can fix this in post and it was completely my fault I just think it's funny, they sound great, and I am using them and they add a lot to the song!
Aug 3, 2021
I CAN! and they sound wonderful! i can’t promise i’ll use all of them but i know for sure i’ll use 3. thank you and sorry for the hassle
Aug 3, 2021
ok! cool, bpm is 95 i think, key is F major
Aug 3, 2021
also do you have a metronome or something? if you can use one without having it leak into the recording that would be great
Aug 3, 2021
yeah! that's ok


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30-39: very bad
20-29: horrible
10-19: could barely listen
0-9: reserved for people who
a. are assholes or annoy me
b. could do way better

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