black midi - Cavalcade
May 26, 2021 (updated May 26, 2021)
on cavalcade, black midi combine elements of jazz, prog, noise, and art rock to make a beautiful and exciting mess (in the most endearing way possible). this entire album is great. from the energetic and unpredictable opener, john L, to the beautiful closer of ascending forth.between the golden tickets, my love for the singles, my enjoyment of their debut, and all of the praise the leaks were receiving, i convinced myself that preordering the vinyl would be worth it. now, i’ve never preordered an album on vinyl before i’d heard it before and that probably won’t change for the most part, but something about this felt different. and now that the album is out, i can confidently say that my purchase was absolutely worth it. omg almost every song on this is fucking incredible. their combination of genres is sooo effective. it sounds so different from anything i’ve heard before but even if it wasn’t so unique, i’d still absolutely love it because of how exciting it is. go listen to this album asap #TBE

now for the big questions:
is this better than schlagenheim? yes. i mean only by a little bit but it would be hard to make something that was WAY better than schlagenheim

where does this rank alongside the other speedywunderground releases from this year? it’s pretty close but i’d say it’s just barely better than for the first time and just barely worse than bright green field

faves: all but least fave
least fave: hogwash and balderdash (still really good)

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