Twenty One Pilots - Shy Away
Apr 7, 2021 (updated Apr 8, 2021)
this is so much better than level of concern lmfao

ok time for the real review. even though tyler’s vocals are good, the real highlight of this track is the instrumental and production. the guitars and synth are just insanely fun. they have a similar vibe to bands like the killers, the strokes, phoenix, or even inerpol. the drums are also very good but what do you expect from twenty one pilots. when i first heard about this song, i had no clue what to expect. the odds seemed really against me. i didn’t like level of concern, scaled and icy is a horrible album title, and fueled by ramen have a reputation of fucking shut up. and not in a good way. luckily , when i pressed play, i was immediately surprised by an infection synth line that then led into an insanely catchy indie pop songs. this is one of those songs that begs you to replay it with how catchy and fun it is. that and it’s mere 2:51 minute runtime. while the short length leads to more replayability, i do wish this song was a bit longer. i honestly have no clue what the lyrics mean, it’s probably some lore shit but i honestly couldn’t care less. as long as i’m having fun the lyrics don’t need to be great. while i do think having thoughtful lyrics can be good sometimes, lyrics can only make a song less enjoyable when they’re like offputtingly bad (cringy, weird offensive, etc). all in all, this an extremely fun song that i know i’ll be playing the shit out of. i can’t wait for scaled and icy to come out. i also can’t wait for them to change the fucking album title
Apr 7, 2021
in what world
Apr 9, 2021
I like the name but the cover is terrible
Apr 9, 2021
Also the lyrics are about his brother jay’s music and how he doesn’t want him to shy away from his talent
Apr 9, 2021
@Riskr that’s actuallt really cool
Apr 9, 2021
they're not gonna change the album title lol you're going to have to wait for the next one buddy
Apr 10, 2021
@nix i know i was joking
6d ago
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