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goonie goo goo looney cuckoo
I Am A Music Fan Have been listening to more music and getting used to listening to many genres since 2017, I have been starting music reviews since 2019 and am really excited to start the new year packed with music reviews new reviews probably every day. (I will be doing classics on Thursdays)
just someone with entry-level music knowledge and absolutely irrational music taste xD
obsessed with carly rae jepsen, banks and ellie gouldingπŸ‘„ from πŸ‡·πŸ‡Ί, sometimes i write reviews using google translate, so I'm sorry for some grammar mistakes <3 100 - Masterpiece 90-99 - Incredible 85-89 - Cool 80-84 - Very good 70-79 - Nice 65-69 - Meh 60-64 - Bad 50-59 - Awful 40-49 - Disgusting 30-39 - I would erase these albums from my memory 20-29 - Amazingly bad 10-19 - UGHHHHH 0-9 - Why did I listen to this?...
rating and reviewing music drop album and artists suggestions please
πŸ‚ treat people with kindness. β€’ sometimes i like to talk about music! :) β€’ check my lists! β˜€οΈ Podcast De Dentro do AquΓ‘rio β€’ falando tudo sobre cultura pop β€’ em todas as plataformas digitais
all ratings based on enjoyment
hey everyone. i’m @alessiaoop’s new user, i’m a minor, i’ll like to share about the music i like (even if i’m not a good writer) and i’d love if you send me your music!! 95 / 100 β€” a masterpiece 85 / 95 β€” excellent 75 / 80 β€” very good 65 / 70 β€” good 55 / 60 β€” decent 45 / 50 β€” average 35 / 40 β€” bad 25 / 30 β€” very bad 15 / 20 β€” terrible 05 / 10 β€” trash 00 β€” dreadful β€” favorite artists: mitski, bjΓΆrk, kate bush, st vincent, fiona apple, fka twigs, rina sawayama β€” / @mitskileaks
Hello! I am a Physics teacher and general nerd from the great state of New Jersey. I listen to a good amount of music and I'm deluded enough to think people care about my opinions. Anyhow, I hope you do. I tend to write long winded explanations which may contain personal anecdotes, strange comparisons and references to whatever I feel is relevant in the moment. Enjoy, and I look forward to dialoguing with you about music!
I have the best music taste.
I am a British person from Britain. Critically acclaimed musician with a score of 40/100. Most of my ratings are actual ratings but most of my reviews are satirical. I am also a critically acclaimed reviewer Rating Scheme 100: 4PAC 90-99: Nearly Perfect 80-89: Great 70-79: Good 60-69: Decent 50-59: Ok 40-49: Mediocre 30-39: Bad 20-29: Abysmal 10-19: Dreadful 0-9: Painful
Chicago, USA
It's just account with Pitchfork reviews. Just for fun. Not more. The most trusted voice in music.
Album of the pee
I listen to/make music! Thanks for checking out my page :) Everything in my library is my bandcamp collection. Self promo encouraged, but no guarantee ill listen to it though. I've now pivoted to mostly serious reviews with the occasional meme review.
17M. I update my ratings a lot. I also fucking hate women. All my ratings are based on personal enjoyment of song or album. ~100 – The greatest ~95 – Phenomenal ~90 – Amazing ~85 – Excellent ~80 – Great ~75 – Really good ~70 – Good ~65 – Pretty good ~60 – Decent ~55 – Alright ~50 – No strong feelings ~45 – Mediocre ~40 – Weak ~35 – Pretty bad ~30 – Bad ~25 – Really bad ~20 – Awful ~15 – Horrendous ~10 – Slightly better than AJR ~5 – AJR ~0 – The worst
techno dj and producer on hiatus queer w/o adjectives pre-leftist any pronouns
I review anything that I watch or listen to in at least 100 words to keep myself busy. Film & recently music buff. Feel free to disagree or agree with my opinions!
post-serious reviews & some score changes +80 = standout he/him
Albums are reviewed based on several criteria such as: lyricism, production, Replay value, catchiness etc,. I will usually rate every track out of 10 and derive the avg to get an album rating based on the above criteria. I tend to review music I like. Legend: 0-29: TERRIBLE: No reason to come back to any of the tracks on the project. 30-49: BAD: maybe one or two redeemable tracks 50-59: OK: the album is hit and miss. 60-79: GOOD 80-89: GREAT 90+- MASTERPIECE/PERSONAL FAVOURITE
Czech Republic
My ratings: - Outstanding (90–100) - Great (80–89) - Decent (70–79) - Routine (60–69) - Mediocre (50–59) - Unaesthetic (40–49) - Bad (30–39) - Terrible (20–29) - Disastrous (10–19) - Apocalypse (0–9)
Minneapolis, Minnesota
I'm gonna try to explain what's going on here. For every album I listen to, I do a quick write up and rating immediately afterwards. I then come back and write fuller reviews on albums that I review for my Instagram account. If you have any further questions put em in the shoutbox! Instagram: idontknow_anythingaboutmusic Musicboard: idontknowanythingaboutmusic
I am a Prince.
To anyone still stumbling across my profile, this is now just an archive of all the stuff I like to some degree and feel like I can quanitfy. The ratings are still pretty inaccurate to my thoughts now; will be updating when I get around to it. The full archive of what I listen to can be found on my RYM account 'cosmilk'. Have a great day everyone. :)
Zamora, Michoacan, Mexico
idk who i am
Mr laazis is talented gospel singer,rapper,songwriter from benue state,he was born on the 5 december,2005 in kaduna state.
Yeah that's four year old me in Honolulu 🀠
got banned on Twitter (actually I made a new one but its slightly more undercover) If you're wondering about how peculiarly high my ratings are, well, I'm a tad lenient, so an 80 from me is just above average. Bipolar review distribution from a person who probably has hyperactivity issues instead lmao Trust me, I'm a clown here, but I'm a good friend to whoever knows me, pepepepepeepepeppeepepepepepepepeppeeppepepepepepepepepep
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Pornelius Hubert
Im a total synth slut. A 65 rating is decent 80+ is great I like: electronic, hiphop, funk, rnb, Synthpop, Dreampop, indie rock, soul, Electropop, trap, hiphouse, deep house, triphop, techno, house, EDM, reggae, psychedelic rock, classical, jazz and downtempo.
Hello my name is Icy, I have an Ice taste in music
American rapper and lyricist with an impressive user score of 19/100. I also rate and review music for fun. Rating Scheme 100: Masterpiece 90-99: Amazing 80-89: Great 70-79: Good 60-69: Okay 50-59: Mediocre 40-49: Bad 30-39: Awful 20-29: Painful 10-19: Unbearable 0-9: Disaster
Maryland usa (100 followers for Brand New discog)
My name is nick im 14 and love many genres if you see super high scores alot its sometimes because relistens or i forgot to rate a album 97-100 10/10 86-96 9 76-85 8 66-75 7 56-65 6 46-55 5 36-45 4 26-35 3 16-25 2 4-15 1 0-3 0
Toronto, ON, Canada
Official AOTY of Spectrum Pulse.
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