YBN Cordae - The Lost Boy
May 26, 2021
Been meaning to check out a Cordae record for a bit now, so I was happy that I checked this off to my to-hear list. "The Lost Boy", the NC rapper's debut record, shows a ton of promise for the artist, demonstrating pretty clear goals that are mostly evident through the lyricism. Granted, I did feel that this album leaned on its influences quite a lot, which was ultimately detrimental to its ambition. The shining star of this record, as I stated earlier, was probably Cordae's pen game. His approach to storytelling always incorporated many ideas that were fresh and catchy, which reeled me into many of the concepts this record played around with. Incorporating playful wordplay and effective storytelling, everything had plenty of substance that I could invest in, and Cordae often capitalised on this. His flows carry across his messaging pretty faithfully, every so often adding a pretty sleek and exciting twist to it. However, this album wasn't always as interesting as these qualities warranted, and that comes down to the derivative and overly dependent production and sound. Cordae really wears his influences on his sleeves here and, sonically, I felt he didn't do all too much to break free of them. The jazzy production that occasionally appeared was quite nice, but, apart from that, the sonic ideas rarely contained many ideas that truly backed up the lyrical messaging, making it come across as fairly bland. I never felt truly gripped by the sound of the album, it just care across as a little too safe and unadventurous. That being said, "The Lost Boy" shows promise for Cordae in many areas, particularly lyrically, which has me excited for his future work.

Best Tracks: Wintertime, Thanksgiving, Broke As Fuck
Worst Tracks: Thousand Words, Been Around, Lost & Found

Rating: C+

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