AOTY 2023
Lil Tjay - Destined 2 Win
Apr 2, 2021
"Destined 2 Win", despite seeing his name just about everywhere, was my introduction to Lil Tjay in album form. Whilst I've forcibly become aware of many of his most popular songs, there's never really been an initiative for me to check out any of his albums. However, when this dropped today, I decided I'd give Tjay the benefit of the doubt and check it out. Unfortunately, this record presented nothing but an incredibly banal experience, one inundated with generic beats, irritating flows and a turgid and tedious tone. And, at a ridiculously elongated twenty-one tracks, I'd had more than enough by the time the record finished up. I mean, what was there that could interest me. Every element felt cliched to the max; only very sporadically even attempting to curate something unique. On a track here and there, to be fair, the production could be pretty sleek, setting itself up nicely for Lil Tjay's flows. On these tracks, I could actually remotely get on board with the sound. Tjay's visions felt clearer, which definitely gave me necessary insight into what a more calculated, concise and focused project could've sounded like. Speaking about his flows, they never really did anything to alleviate the album's already jejune sound. His voice can be pulled off nicely; it is quite distinctive. He just never really found a way to utilise such distinction. As a result, his vocal performances never worked, further pushing me away from the record. Save for a couple of nicely produced tracks, "Destined 2 Win" never felt like anything more than an overly lengthened project that didn't bring much to the table at all.

Best Tracks: Calling My Phone, Headshot, Run It Up
Worst Tracks: Hood Rich, Gang Gang, No Cap

Rating: D

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