KSI - All Over the Place
Jul 16, 2021
KSI's "All Over the Place" is...yeah, not good at all. All the things that were problematic about "Dissimulation", a lifeless, albeit promising release from the British artist, are still largely prevalent here. But, KSI seems to crank up these problems even more, making it actually a step down from his second release. I mean, the tracks on this project are so, so boring, not leaving their comfort zone for even a second. The beats are incredibly generic and immediately boring, the flows are dull, albeit fairly suitable for the atmosphere, and the lyrics are lifeless. This record just backs off any sort of experimentation that could craft even the slightest of personalities, making it an album without any life whatsoever. It feels as if KSI isn't even trying to make this record his, which is a real shame, because I know he cares about his projects. If only his care could be translated to the tracks, then this would be an investing ride. Sonically, the whole album's sound plays into just about every pop and rap cliche imaginable, so there wasn't ever anything exciting to grasp ahold of. This album is so safe; it constantly felt like KSI was too scared to just branch out and capitalise. So many sonic routes taken on this project are just the most banal you could possibly imagine, constantly being more tedious than enjoyable. One thing this album did do well, I must say, is its feature selection. The features on this project did demonstrate a refreshing familiarity to the whole aura KSI was trying to cast; they were in their comfort zone, and it constantly felt like it. They fully embraced the whole direction that the production was coming from, so they sounded nice and confident. However, this wasn't really the case with KSI himself, which often left him drowning on his own song. I mean, seriously, this is his project, yet he felt like he was the feature. Lyrically, this also felt like the case, as his pen game on the project barely ever carried enough weight to substantiate the sparse thematic intent behind each track. So, once again, it just felt like KSI leaning on trope after trope for support, which grew extremely tiresome after a while. Bottom line is, KSI didn't ever really let loose, he always overshadowed his affable personality with an abundance of redundant tropes. "All Over the Place", I hoped, would be a project where KSI would further discover his musical personality and develop his own distinct sound, but, instead, it's just another cliche-ridden slog that did nothing more than bore me.

Best Tracks: Number 2, Don't Play, Sleeping With The Enemy
Worst Tracks: The Moment, You, Rent Free

Rating: E
Track Ratings
1The Moment / 23
2Number 2 / 52
3Patience / 34
4You / 21
5Don't Play / 61
6Really Love / 40
7Gang Gang / 36
8Rent Free / 22
9Madness / 25
10Silly / 42
11Flash It / 40
12No Time / 39
13No Pressure / 29
14Sleeping With the Enemy / 50
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