Adele - 30
Nov 19, 2021
Adele is back after how many years, and I reckon everybody's happy about it, to a certain degree. Especially from a more mainstream perspective, her presence has been missing for ages, and with "30", that gap has been filled once more. Featuring a myriad of tracks that delve deep into Adele's emotions, the record promises to be the British artist's most personal project to date, making a statement like nothing else she's done prior. Whilst it definitely makes new ground with the emotions part (although the lyrics may not be super elaborate, they do their job), in terms of statements, the forgettable second half does let things down. When this record is off and kicking, though, it moves with incredible ease, presenting Adele at full flight both musically and artistically. Some of the influences on the opening couple of tracks were pretty damn infectious. On "Strangers By Nature", the old-world, 30s-40s baroque touches worked seamlessly, adding all this range and emotional weight to Adele's voice. The following few tracks don't lose steam, either, carrying on the boldness and emotional confidence that Adele established on the opener. However, the train wasn't unstoppable, and that started becoming apparent midway through the record, when things started to delve into mundanity. Tracks like "I Drink Wine" dragged on for ages whilst not bringing anything all that new to the table, and that's for Adele's discography alone. They felt way too stretched to be concise and impactful, which drained my interest considerably. Fortunately it ended on a strong note with "Love Is A Game", a fantastic closer that sums up all the themes presented throughout the record, but those couple of tracks did severely anchor the record down. “30” is a welcome return from Adele, one that comes along with some impressive emotional depth, even if it wasn’t as tight as I hoped for.

Best Tracks: Easy On Me, Cry Your Heart Out, Love Is A Game
Worst Tracks: I Drink Wine, Woman Like Me, Hold On

Rating: B-
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