David Bowie - David Bowie [Space Oddity]
Apr 5, 2021
Having not heard David Bowie's debut album, I really had no awareness of this album's significance in his discog. But, apart from the titular track, it was ultimately that jump that convinced me to hear this album, the apparent jump in artistic integrity and ambition. To say that neither were prevalent on this album would be a complete lie, but to say that their execution was a little varied would probably accurately reflect my feelings. "Space Oddity" contains so many great ideas, but I feel that they were a little sparse on substance occasionally. The scope that Bowie employs on many of the tracks is actually quite spellbinding; they effectively create that whole spacious aura, that aura where you're going some incredible journey, boundless by the restraints of Earth. Musically, he also feels very adventurous. I loved so many of the ideas that were present here; they really accentuated the tone and atmosphere of the album. The album started out super strong, but, as it progressed, I felt that Bowie milked the ideas a little too much. Whilst his sense of adventure was still errant, I felt that some concepts were quite tedious; they clung to what was already there a little too much. As a result, they didn't really impact me on a deeper level. "Space Oddity" is a very admirable record in its fearless adventure and scope, but its ideas aren't ever as fleshed out or impactful as some of Bowie's later releases.

Best Tracks: Space Oddity, Unwashed and Somewhat Slightly Dazed, Memory of a Free Festival
Worst Tracks: Cygnet Committee, Janine, God Knows I'm Good

Rating: C+

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