Iron Maiden - The Number of the Beast
Apr 3, 2021
Today, I decided I'd review one of my favourite albums ever, just because I wanted to. That album ended up being "The Number of the Beast", an album that I have loved for just about ever. Iron Maiden's third album - their first with Bruce Dickinson behind the mic - is an absolute powerhouse, an eight-track, forty-minute extravaganza that operates like a train without brakes. Its sound, its style and its energy are unparalleled throughout its runtime and, for that whole time, they're all absolutely addicting. The opener "Invaders" is a perfect introduction to the record, immediately establishing the incredible experience that's to come. The instrumentations are lightning quick, yet impeccable. Every single beat is nailed, creating an absolute thrill ride that immerses me immediately. On "Children of the Damned", this pace is slightly toned down (save for the song's second half), which leaves way for the album's intriguing and immaculate storytelling. Lyrically, this album shows Iron Maiden at their best. Songs like "Run to the Hills" later on, an absolute gem from the band's discog, offer so much tonally and compliment the instrumentations perfectly. The self-titled track, even now, is still up there with the best. Suitably, if there were any song to summarise the album, it would be that one. Vincent Price's chilling intro, the razor-sharp guitar work, Bruce Dickinson's spellbinding and incredibly powerful vocal work; they all amalgamate to make a song that's flawless. An absolute burst of energy, with a sound so distinct and strong. I've always loved it. The album ends on an epic note with "Hallowed Be Thy Name", a seven-minute track that, sonically and tonally, incorporates every idea present on the record. Out of Iron Maiden's catalogue, their best writing is also present on this track, which beautifully works with the seamless tonal shifts. Everything is captured on this track, everything that makes this album just about perfect. "The Number of the Beast" is a thrilling, super enjoyable and energy-filled ride that, at every turn, is beyond incredible. From its perfect instrumentations to its adamantine tone and flow to its bold and mighty vocal performances, there is essentially nothing to fault with this album.

Best Tracks: The Number of the Beast, Run to the Hills, Hallowed Be Thy Name
Worst Tracks: Gangland (the album loses only a tad of steam on this track)

Rating: A+

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